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An open letter to NBA general managers: You seem to have forgotten about Terrence Roberts

Posted by Tom on July 2, 2007

Soaking in the recent megabuzz surrounding this year’s NBA draft, I was pleased to notice the names of Syracuse studs Demetris Nichols and Daryl Watkins tossed around by your ilk. They’re good players, and their likely signing to one of your rosters will serve you well. But in everything from the pre-draft buzz to the draft day reality, the absence of one man’s name from the chatter seemed inexplicable. Left out of the field was a chiseled 6-9 athlete carrying 230 pounds of pure muscle. A man with the heart of a lion, and the power, hunger, and coachability of a kodiak bear. That’s right, NBA general managers. Right about now you should be getting that sinking feeling like you just left your ATM card at a gas station 200 miles back. The time has come for you to explain to your fans how you let Terrence Roberts slip through the cracks. Read the rest of this entry »


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Otto and The Kool-Aid Man: Separated at Birth?

Posted by Jer on June 6, 2007 has posted a list of 14 sports mascots and the celebrities they feel those mascots resemble. Otto the Orange (or as Rivalfish calls him ‘The Syracuse Orangeman’) comes in at #4 next to The Kool-Aid Man.

While I do often wish that Otto would crash through more walls, I don’t know if a cartoon logo quite qualifies as a ‘celebrity’. For what it’s worth, I think Otto bears a striking resemblance to our Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez.

Who do you think Otto’s long-lost twin might be?

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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Best Syracuse-Related Online Video

Posted by Jer on March 30, 2007

If you haven’t won an Otto yet this year, your window of opportunity is closing fast. They’re flying off the shelves faster than the West Virgina NIT Championship T-Shirt. And now I have the honor of presenting the award for the ‘Best Syracuse-Related Online Video’.

Just a few years ago, the only ‘video’ you could see of Syracuse was nightly on SportsCenter’s Top 10 or by owning your very own National Championship DVD. Thanks to YouTube, we can (not that we do…) spend our entire day watching Syracuse ‘content’ online from game highlights to tributes to past teams to press conferences to vintage fights to people just generally making asses of themselves.

In a season that featured both amazing performances and general ridiculousness, it was fitting that the two nominees for best video represented these two aspects of the Orange and their fans.

Both DutchHart from Getting Back to ‘03 and Howie from Sports Night With Howie Mansfield nominated Paul ‘The Hustle’ Harris’ monster dunk to end the half against Villanova in March.

Harris drives from beyond the NBA arc to slam it home (with Will Sheridan narrowly avoiding the Royal Ivey treatment). I’m just waiting for next year when ‘Best Paul Harris Dunk’ is an SOBA category of its own. Beyond the fact that it was a great dunk, the video serves as a reminder that at least once in the 06-07 season did we have the ball with less than 20 seconds left and not turn it over to our opponent. I will now conveniently forget that we ended up losing this game to the Wildcats.

While Harris’ amazing performance was enough to get him nominated for this Otto, general ridiculousness won out in the end. The Otto for Best Syracuse-Related Online Video goes to:

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How it ends: Syracuse falls to Clemson

Posted by andrewgp on March 21, 2007

A chart showing who held the lead throughout the game, and by how much.


BANG IT HERE to see an archive of all the charts from this season.

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How we won: Syracuse downs San Diego

Posted by andrewgp on March 19, 2007

A chart showing who held the lead throughout the game, and by how much.


BANG IT HERE to see an archive of charts from this year.

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How we won: Syracuse over South Alabama

Posted by andrewgp on March 14, 2007

A chart showing who held the lead throughout the game, and by how much.


BANG IT HERE to see an archive of charts from this year.

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NCAA/NIT Conspiracy Theories

Posted by Jer on March 14, 2007

Was Syracuse’s snub from the NCAA tournament a bigger conspiracy than Watergate and the JFK assassination? Ok, probably not, but let’s revisit the possibility for a moment.

It has been rightfully noted that the three most suspect programs making the NCAA tournament (Arkansas, Illinois, and Stanford) had representation from their conferences on the Selection Committee, while the top schools excluded from the NCAA’s had no one to speak on their behalf. It’s very easy to imagine that if Mike Tranghese were on the Committee this year instead of the SEC Commissioner, Syracuse would be headed to the NCAA’s, while South Alabama would be visiting a Fayetteville that is much closer and warmer than our suburban paradise.

The fact that no one was there to stand up for Syracuse this year can be attributed fully to bad timing, as the Big East will assuredly have a member next year, and, although boosterism is annoying, it does not contsitute a conspiracy. (it should be noted that Tranghese was stunned that Syracuse did not receive a bid, but also publically believes this does not have anything to do with the lack of BE representation).

But let’s dig deeper (as my high school journalism teacher always called on us to do). Phil Sheridan at the Philadelphia Inquirer has pointed out where the true roots of the NCAA conspiracy may lie (thanks to JR for passing this along). Two years ago, the NIT brought an anti-trust lawsuit against the NCAA for their requirement that any school picked for the NCAA tournament accept that invitation. So what did the NCAA do? They bought the NIT!

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NIT Bracket

Posted by Tom on March 11, 2007

So how exactly does being the biggest NCAA snub land us an NIT 2 seed? I’ve never heard of a school called South Alabama, but apparently we’re playing them in the first round. Do you think anyone watching the live NIT selection show was sweating it out waiting as we were the 31st team out of 32 announced?

I can’t decide which is more childish: Insisting that we’re too good for the NIT and pretending it isn’t happening, or getting really into the NIT, participating only in NIT pick ’em pools, and pretending the NCAA tournament isn’t happening. I’m absolutely going one of these routes.


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Posted by Tom on March 11, 2007

Uhhhhh… eh?

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How we lost: Notre Dame over Syracuse

Posted by andrewgp on March 8, 2007

A chart showing who held the lead throughout the game, and by how much.


BANG IT HERE to see an archive of charts from this year.

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