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We’re moving to

Posted by Tim on August 24, 2007

DC is Cuse Country

This is a photo of a sign blog contributor Josh made before a game against Georgetown in Washington. It became something of a running joke in our crew: Wherever we were, that was Cuse Country. When it came time to name this little project of ours, it seemed a natural fit. Holy crap, the Internet is Cuse Country!

Now, the time has come to move to nicer real estate. And with football season looming like an orange cloud of noxious gas, we’re moving to a new address that doesn’t have “hoops” in the URL.

So come visit us at Same great stuff, new great home.


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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards – Favorite Game

Posted by syracusan on March 29, 2007

It’s my turn to pass out an amusingly named S.O.B. Award! (Much thanks to Getting Back to ’03 for the handoff.) I get the honor of announcing the Otto for Favorite Game.

Not unlike Best Freshman and Best Senior, this category has a pretty obvious answer. Unless someone is biased towards a game they saw in person that happened to be very exciting, or if for some reason you really hate South Florida and get chills every time we beat them, my guess was that most would lean towards that final home game against Georgetown. That said, the old rivalry with UConn proved to have some legs even in a down year for the Huskies. Some voters still took enough satisfaction in seeing the pained look on Calhoun’s face to rank it above the win that should have vaulted us into the NCAAs. Here’s the rundown:

  • DutchHart from Getting Back to ’03: “Georgetown”
  • Howie from Sports Night: “Win over UConn at home.”
  • Ray over at OrangeHoops: “Georgetown”
  • Matt from Orange44: “Connecticut v. Syracuse. Syracuse finally won a game that I attended. The fact that Connecticut was terrible this year is pointless; the fact that the ‘Matt Glaude Streak of Defeat’ is over is of great importance.”
  • My Cuse Country co-contributor Josh: “Georgetown, though a runnerup vote for Rutgers just because it was one of only two wins I saw in person (the other was UNC-Charlotte) and the atmosphere at the RAC is great.”
  • My Cuse Country co-contributor Tim: “It’s hard not to pick the G’Town game here, although it loses points for the false hope it engendered.”
  • Sean from Troy Nunes Etc: “The Georgetown game. I know, its easy to say now but I just had a feeling it was gonna be a good game for us. Home crowd, Georgetown, Syracuse was playing for their lives, Georgetown was sitting pretty…it was the perfect storm for a memorable victory.”

For the record, my vote goes to the Holy Cross game on November 27th. At that point we were 7-0 and looking great. From that point on the season was nothing but an endless shit storm of disappointment and heartbreak. 😉

But amongst the serious votes, the tally is 5 votes for the Georgetown game and 2 for the UConn game in the Dome. So the winner is:

72-58 over the Georgetown Hoyas!

Laying the hammer down on an eventual Final Four team on Senior night is something worth savoring; I can’t argue with this pick, though Tim does bring up a good point about its bittersweet nature given what was to come.

Check in at 4 PM for the next S.O.B. award over at Orange44.

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Thank You Fans!

Posted by Josh on March 14, 2007

I’m going to go out on a small limb and say that having nearly 17,000 fans at the S. Alabama game may have set a single-game NIT attendance record. I couldn’t find any hard facts online, but I did find this on the official Iowa State athletics website (Hilton is their arena name):

Iowa State and Hilton broke NIT attendance marks in 2004. The Cyclones drew 12,196 and 14,020 fans in their two NIT games they hosted, averaging 13,144 fans per contest.

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NCAA/NIT Conspiracy Theories

Posted by Jer on March 14, 2007

Was Syracuse’s snub from the NCAA tournament a bigger conspiracy than Watergate and the JFK assassination? Ok, probably not, but let’s revisit the possibility for a moment.

It has been rightfully noted that the three most suspect programs making the NCAA tournament (Arkansas, Illinois, and Stanford) had representation from their conferences on the Selection Committee, while the top schools excluded from the NCAA’s had no one to speak on their behalf. It’s very easy to imagine that if Mike Tranghese were on the Committee this year instead of the SEC Commissioner, Syracuse would be headed to the NCAA’s, while South Alabama would be visiting a Fayetteville that is much closer and warmer than our suburban paradise.

The fact that no one was there to stand up for Syracuse this year can be attributed fully to bad timing, as the Big East will assuredly have a member next year, and, although boosterism is annoying, it does not contsitute a conspiracy. (it should be noted that Tranghese was stunned that Syracuse did not receive a bid, but also publically believes this does not have anything to do with the lack of BE representation).

But let’s dig deeper (as my high school journalism teacher always called on us to do). Phil Sheridan at the Philadelphia Inquirer has pointed out where the true roots of the NCAA conspiracy may lie (thanks to JR for passing this along). Two years ago, the NIT brought an anti-trust lawsuit against the NCAA for their requirement that any school picked for the NCAA tournament accept that invitation. So what did the NCAA do? They bought the NIT!

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Product Placement

Posted by Jer on March 8, 2007

The information that I am about to provide is based solely on this poster’s humble opinion and has not been paid for in any way by the businesses promoted herewith.

If you happen to be a New York City resident or are just in town for the BE tournament, I highly recommend a post-game stop at Steve & Barry’s at the Manhattan Mall. The store is just a block away from Madison Square Garden on 33rd Street. Based on Daz’s advice, Tom and I went there after yesterday’s game fired up to get some new SU gear after the big win (and to see if we could scope any ‘System of Dress‘ apparel). The new unis were not on display, but a visit to Steve & Barry’s will not disappoint. They have a ton of SU gear at amazing prices. I picked up a bright orange ‘Syracuse’ t-shirt for only $7.98 and was eyeing a medium-weight jacket that would have gone for $60 plus at Manny’s for only $14.98. The visit was worth it just to hear a store manager bark to her underlining ‘I want these Syracuse end caps looking perfect for tomorrow. Do you hear me, perfect!!” Both Steve and Barry apparently know which team’s fans are going to show up at the Garden this week.

While we had the fortune of snagging some reasonably priced tickets for yesterday’s U-Conn win on craigslist, we were shut out of today’s Notre Dame matchup. If you are in the New York City area and are having a similar problem, might I suggest a visit to Town Tavern in Greenwich Village? Owned by a couple of Syracuse grads, this is the official bar of the SU alumni association in NYC. The tablecloths are all orange and blue and make sure to ask for the special Syracuse menu where you can find delicacies such as the ‘Carrier Dome Platter’ or the ‘Basket of 4 Mini Otto Burgers’. The only complaint that I have is naming the chicken salad after Gerry McNamara. If there’s one thing that G-Mac ain’t, it’s a chicken.

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Sympathy For The Devil

Posted by Tom on March 7, 2007

Heading home on the subway after witnessing this afternoon’s rollicking first round Big East Tournament win against UConn, as the excitement and satisfaction of legitimately being on the inside of the big dance bubble settled to contentment, I was left with a completely unexpected feeling: pity.

Unlike Mrs. Tom, I’m not the kind of person who usually feels sorry for sports losers – in fact, my enjoyment of victories is usually magnified when it comes at the disappointment of bitter rivals. And until now I wouldn’t have thought that I had even a thread of heartstring to spare for the woes of the UConn basketball team. But there it was: a fly in my bowl of satisfaction.

This victory was like seeing the popular jerk from high school mopping out the bathrooms at Taco Bell 10 years later. Even though I spent many nights wishing for them to suffer fates worse than death, I didn’t think it would come to this. I mean jeez, I didn’t mean I wanted them to be passed over for the NIT.

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Posted by Josh on March 7, 2007

This is a public service announcement from the Bureau of Prevention. All the people who were saying “I still don’t think Syracuse is going to make the tournament” a few hours ago please Shut the F Up. Thank you. Stand clear of the closing doors.

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Sunday links…

Posted by Tim on February 18, 2007

Some Sunday afternoon linkage:

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“Holy crap. We’re executing.”

Posted by Josh on February 18, 2007

uconnphoto.jpgThe title here is the complete content of a text message I received during the 2nd half of the UConn game from the syracusan. As usual, he succeeded in taking all the complex factors that make up an SU basketball performance and encapsulating them in a few select words. Execution was the name of the game Saturday, and while Syracuse’s was far from flawless, they made enough plays in the second half; meanwhile, the new-look Huskies obliged by making no plays.
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Jim Boeheim and the offense of the go-to-guy

Posted by Tom on February 16, 2007

Everyone always gives a lot of well deserved lip service to Boeheim as the master of the 2-3 zone, but have you ever heard anyone specifically put Jimmy’s offensive coaching style under the microscope?

What got me thinking about this was seeing the UConn women’s team play following our loss to the Johnnies in the garden. After the game, they let everyone stick around to see the Ladystorm (or whatever they’re called) take on the lady Huskies immediately afterwards. Let me tell you, seeing those ladies play, especially after our ugly loss, was humbling. Almost every trip down the court involved at least 4 quick passes in the half court set, and culminated with someone who was open (or facing a defender that wasn’t set yet) taking a traditionally “good” shot. No one except the point guard ever seemed to hold the ball for more than a second or two. And since they can’t consider dunking, their layups are totally automatic. I left with a big crush on these ladies’ fundamentals. Quickly, I started noticing a similar style of play on certain men’s teams. Watching Notre Dame’s 63 point first half dismantling on January 30, the buckets they were hitting weren’t lucky shots. They were open shots. And they were making lots of quick passes to get them. So I started to wonder… what offense are we playing?

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