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We’re moving to

Posted by Tim on August 24, 2007

DC is Cuse Country

This is a photo of a sign blog contributor Josh made before a game against Georgetown in Washington. It became something of a running joke in our crew: Wherever we were, that was Cuse Country. When it came time to name this little project of ours, it seemed a natural fit. Holy crap, the Internet is Cuse Country!

Now, the time has come to move to nicer real estate. And with football season looming like an orange cloud of noxious gas, we’re moving to a new address that doesn’t have “hoops” in the URL.

So come visit us at Same great stuff, new great home.


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Pre-draft Camp Wrapup

Posted by Josh on June 4, 2007

Neither of the two online sources I have found which were covering the NBA Pre-draft Camp on a daily basis — and — had anything to say about Demetris’ or Mookie’s final day at the camp, which suggests that neither of them did anything noteworthy in their final game. However, now the camp is over and it’s time to look at the overall picture.

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Sunday evening observations

Posted by Tim on January 14, 2007

A few random thoughts from the weekend:

1) Few opportunities for a statement win remain: Our remaining Big East schedule includes home games against Cincinnati (RPI of 144, according to, Notre Dame (32), DePaul (57), St. John’s (166), UConn (80) and Georgetown (58) and road games against St. John’s, Louisville (74), UConn, South Florida (181), Providence (54) and Villanova (27). Of those teams, only Notre Dame and Villanova have a higher RPI than SU (RPI of 53). While winning most of  these games will undoubtedly help our RPI, there’s hardly anything that will significantly separate us from the pack in the eyes of the selection committee. In fact, we won’t have an opportunity to pick up a win against a top 25 RPI team until the Big East tournament if things stay the way they are now. I haven’t done the math, but it seems clear that the Orange probably have a relatively thin margin for error from here on out; a 9-7 conference schedule, as predicted at Orange 44, likely won’t get the job done. Every team left on the schedule is beatable, and we need to beat a high percentage of them. If we don’t, we’ll be sweating on Selection Sunday.

2) Um, about that Wichita State game: The pundits were all but ready to punch the Shockers’ ticket to the tournament after their win over the Orange in the Dome earlier this season. But something rather, er, shocking has happened since then: Wichita State has fallen apart, losing to respectable foes such as Missouri State, Northern Iowa, and Southern Illinois as well as to slightly dodgier competition like New Mexico. What looked last month like a loss to this year’s Bucknell or George Mason now looks like a defeat to a team that’s in deep trouble in a conference not likely to produce more than a couple tournament teams. This could end up looking like a pretty bad loss by the end of the season if the Shockers don’t turn it around. (Kudos to the Syracusan for doubting the Shockers back before it was cool.)

3) Respect: Now that we’ve beaten Marquette and Villanova, no one can say we don’t have any big wins. The question is what they’ll be worth in March. ‘Nova in particular seems like the kind of team that could fall far in the RPI once the Big East season gets going. They’re 27th in RPI largely because they’ve played the 10th toughest schedule in the country, but the fact remains that they haven’t really beaten anyone besides Georgetown. On the other hand, Marquette apparently lost focus for a couple of games against Providence and SU but is otherwise a very solid team. The Wildcats might be our best win today, but the Golden Eagles could easily be tops by the time the selection committee gets to work.

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A good sign

Posted by Josh on January 7, 2007

The title of this post refers to two things. First, that among the objects being waved in the Marquette student section when SU took foul shots was a giant cutout of Dick Vitale’s head. Second, that unlike many games this year, the team was able to weather the opponent’s momentum and respond when the game was on the line. Ending the game on a 15-3 run is fantastic, even if most of it was foul shots. (PS. How about draining two free throws when the 75-85% guys couldn’t hit one to save their lives?)

Going into the game, this was one where needed to dominate inside, and basically did. Mookie played another outstanding game. The rebounding numbers were about even but it seemed like we controlled the boards pretty well. Meanwhile, our offense was able to get a number of layups while our defense did not give up too many. If anyone can find a “points in the paint” stat I’d like to see it because the game felt like we were well ahead in that category. The defense was good overall — they really extended the zone out towards Marquette’s shooters and let Mook handle things in the paint. Quite a different tactic than when facing Aaron Gray. My only beef is that the unforced-error bug resurfaced — but when they played under control, the Orangemen were clearly the better team. Marquette’s last steal was with 6:27 remaining, the resulting basket made it 51-50. After that SU basically took care of the ball and soon started to pull away.

Speaking of interior defense:

On a personal note, I would like to thank the Washington Nationals for existing — not only do I get to see a bunch of Mets games every year, but their new cable sports channel MASN has picked up all of SU’s “ESPN Regional” broadcasts to fill their winter programming lineup. This means I will get to see just about every game from the comfort of my living room. Sweet!

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What is this ‘road win’ you speak of?

Posted by Tim on January 7, 2007

I tuned into tonight’s game against Marquette just in time to see the Golden Eagles’ Jerel McNeal grab a couple of steals in a row midway through the first half. Since I’d just finished watching the Giants lose to the Eagles in a game that never seemed as close as the final score, I was worried that maybe I was a jinx. But I was pleasantly surprised by the first SU game I’ve watched all season that I never really thought we were in serious danger of losing. Sure, it was close. But the zone was working, everyone hit the boards, the half-court offense actually existed and there were even a number of really nice fast breaks.


  • Demetris didn’t play spectacularly, but he did drain an amazing jump-back three in the second half that showed a bad shooting night couldn’t hurt his confidence.

  • Eric Devendorf made an unreal leaping, slicing, scooping lay up in traffic. Wow, I thought, there’s no way he could do that again. Then he did.

  • The ESPN crew assigned to call tonight’s game weren’t shy about praising good play. Given the shaky start the season has gotten off to, it was a pleasant change to hear real live commentators say words like “Syracuse is playing really well right now.”

I often check right after a game to get a first look at the box score. Usually, at least this year, it has been an exercise in self-flagellation. I expected tonight to be different. But no! First thing I saw, staring me right in the face: “A lack of angry e-mails from ‘Cuse fans after the first Bracketology of 2007 brings great joy to Joe Lunardi.” Clicking through, I found this (subscription required):

I am so proud of our Bracketology readers this season. In years past, if I unveiled a bracket in which a “name” team such as Syracuse was excluded, it would have taken about eight minutes for the e-mail in-box to overflow. This season? Not a peep from Orange partisans (even before Thursday night’s home loss to Pitt). Slowly, perhaps inexorably, even the most blinded fans are beginning to realize that when their team loses to every Top 100 opponent on its schedule, bad things happen with respect to NCAA Tournament consideration.

It’s true that Syracuse hadn’t done anything to merit inclusion in anyone’s first look at a field of 65. But is the gratuitous cheap shot at SU’s fans (“the most blinded”) really necessary? Anyway, now that they’ve got a win over a team that beat Duke and Texas Tech, hopefully we’ll hear less of this kind of thing.

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Colgate and beyond

Posted by Tim on December 9, 2006

As any good Central New Yorker can tell you, you know it’s summer when they’re rockin’ in Weedsport. You know it’s winter, meanwhile, when the SU men’s basketball team crushes Colgate into a fine maroon dust and sends them back to Hamilton in an envelope. But apparently hope springs eternal for the Red Raiders. The student paper observes that victories over Dartmouth and Binghamton prove that Colgate’s “exorbitant grit, hustle and heart will sometimes make up for its deficiencies in size and athleticism.” Probably not tonight, though, as Jimmy and the team will hopefully work out some of the frustration of the last two losses on a team that features only two players taller than 6’8″.

In other news, the Daily Orange looks ahead to preview the upcoming Hofstra, Pitt and Marquette games, all of which go down before the students return from winter break.

Also, SU alumnus and New York Times staff writer Pete Thamel is taking college basketball questions over at The first Cuse Country reader to get a question answered will win the honor of seeing his or her name in small type on this blog.

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conference scores

Posted by syracusan on December 5, 2006

I haven’t bitched and moaned about Big East disrespect in a while, so it’s time for a notable scores update in case folks haven’t been scanning the returns over the last few days. (Notable to me generally means Big East teams beating ranked and/or BCS teams.)

  • DePaul beat then #5 Kansas 64-57.
  • Notre Dame won 81-74 AT then #19 Maryland. Of the ACC. Bitches.
  • Then #3 Pitt won at Auburn of the SEC, 74-66.
  • Rutgers beat then 5-0 Nebraska of the Big 12, 75-73. (not a big name team, but I’ll take it)

I’m feeling unusually fair, so I’ll report on the losses too. The only head to head setbacks to BCS schools that I could find recently both come from Georgetown. The struggling Hoyas lost at home to 6-0 Oregon last week, and then hung tight with Duke down at Cameron until fading in the final two minutes. G-Town dropped from the polls this week, but looked good for most of the game against the Dookies. They’ll be fine.

For the record, during the Georgetown-Duke game on ESPN, Dick Vitale mentioned how many bad losses the Big East has this year and that the league doesn’t have the depth it had last year. No mention of any wins of note. In Mr. Vitale’s world the Big East is made up entirely of Cincinatti and Seton Hall.

There were, of course, some losses to midmajors this week, most notably from Syracuse and Marquette. SU got stung a little in the polls, but I’m glad to see that Wichita State is getting respect for beating us, shooting up to 10th in the AP poll. The Golden Eagles took the worst of it though, plummeting 9 spots in the AP and ELEVEN spots in the Coaches thanks to their loss to North Dakota State. The media and coaches are so full of shit with their rhetoric about midmajors – why else would Marquette, who still beat Duke earlier this year, take such a hit? ND St is a solid team, who already beat up on Wisconsin-Green Bay and Princeton and only lost at Texas Tech by 4. It’s not a crime to lose to midmajors of this quality, yet Marquette and SU get nailed for it.

For comparison’s sake: Florida loses their 2nd game already, to an average Florida State team, and only drop from 4 to 7. Maryland loses that game to Notre Dame and drops no spots. Georgia Tech loses to a mediocre Miami team and drops only 4 spots. Some of this is ACC favoritism, but Michigan State lost last week to BC and went from unranked to 25th! There’s still all kinds of major program bias when judging the acceptability of losses, which is such crap considering how much lecturing the media gives big schools for being afraid to schedule feisty midmajors.

In related news, the polls have gone crazy this week. UConn is 10th in one and 19th in the other. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a difference that large. Frankly, they don’t deserve to be 10th, but that’s neither here nor there. Michigan State is 25th in one poll, as I mentioned, but approximately 37th in the other, based on votes. Is this parity, or just laziness?

FYI, Oklahoma State moved into the rankings at 22 and 24, so SU gets to play back to back games against ranked opponents. Not the norm for this time of year to be sure. If we win later tonight though, it’ll go a long way towards securing our reputation until the Big East gets going.

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Marquette “upsets” Duke 73-62

Posted by syracusan on November 22, 2006

MarquetteThe Big East had a couple of tough losses today, which I’m sure the haters are going to find a way to gripe about. League bottom-feeder Rutgers, who apparently will be truly awful this year, lost at home to previously 0-4 Jackson State. Ouch. Meanwhile, the Bob Huggins-less Cincinnati lost at home to, um, Wofford. OK, so not a great showing. But neither of those teams was picked in the top ten of the conference this season.

HOWEVER, some shit went down in Missouri tonight at the CBE Classic. Marquette, who is not a bottom feeder, took Coach K and the Blue Devils behind the barn for an old fashion re-education. Welcome to the Big East, Golden Eagles. I already like you more than the last Eagles that we had. Marquette is ranked 13th and 17th in the polls, whereas Duke was 8th and 9th. Marquette, who also beat Bobby Knight’s previously undefeated Texas Tech squad the night before, should swing into the top ten after this. Duke meanwhile…well, they’ll probably move up to 5th or so.

Even sweeter: Syracuse native and notorious turncoat Greg Paulus had 7 points, 6 turnovers, and no rebounds before fouling out trying to deal with last year’s Big East rookie of the year, Dominic James. Good job, traitor. Devendorf is 6 times better anyway, I’m glad your overrated ass is down south. If Duke is counting on Paulus to be their next superstar, it’s going to be a long year.

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