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We’re moving to

Posted by Tim on August 24, 2007

DC is Cuse Country

This is a photo of a sign blog contributor Josh made before a game against Georgetown in Washington. It became something of a running joke in our crew: Wherever we were, that was Cuse Country. When it came time to name this little project of ours, it seemed a natural fit. Holy crap, the Internet is Cuse Country!

Now, the time has come to move to nicer real estate. And with football season looming like an orange cloud of noxious gas, we’re moving to a new address that doesn’t have “hoops” in the URL.

So come visit us at Same great stuff, new great home.


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it’s everyone’s fault

Posted by syracusan on February 2, 2007

After watching Jimmy’s clock management in the final minutes against St John’s and Louisville, I began to wonder if he was throwing games to improve our draft position. Then with the way the team came out against ND, I figured maybe it wasn’t just him, maybe it was everyone. Then I remembered there’s no draft, and that bad years in College Basketball do nothing but beget worse years.

There’s no sense in analyzing the Notre Dame game. We’re not in their league, which is pathetic and shocking. No one or two players should get a lion’s share of blame, they were all lifeless. Terrence and Nichols had good box-score games, but in real life they were just as much to blame as the rest. Devo went 0-11 from the field, but it hardly matters; offense wasn’t the issue anyway. Don’t be fooled by that late game run to make it “respectable”, the Irish had merely succumbed to the human instinct to relax with such a huge lead. Our defense never turned it on, ND simply started missing because they ruined their own rhythm. If they had kept their foot on the gas, we would have lost by 30.

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Taking care of… wait, hang on a second… uh oh… AAAARG!

Posted by Josh on January 28, 2007

I think last night’s game hurt even more than the St. John’s game. I’m not talking about RPI or anything like that. I’m talking about the mental and emotional fortitude of the team. For the first 30 minutes, they played about as well as they are able — that is not to say they were playing “lights-out”, rather that I have seen enough games now to know that this was about the best one can hope for. Then suddenly… what? What was the magic bullet that stopped them in their tracks?

The Post-Standard quoted Boeheim as saying that Watkins leaving with 4 fouls around the 9 minute mark was a tipping point, because Louisville then got their interior offense going and controlled the boards late. But that does not explain why our offensive possessions suddenly turned to mush. The analysis (and some of the player quotes) says that they got complacent and stopped hustling. I think that’s oversimplifying it, and if that is the only lesson the team takes from this, it won’t be enough. What happened was that they tried to slow the game down and sit on their lead, but did not know how to function in this mode. Several possessions basically boiled down to Devendorf trying to make something happen by himself with 10 seconds or so on the shot clock. These possessions tended to result in turnovers, whereas earlier in the half they were successful in getting open shots by moving the ball around with purpose. This team has not had a great half-court offense all year, and it’s even worse when they deliberately slow things down. And when Louisville started to make their move, you could see the Orange get tentative and unsure of themselves.

Granted, some of the final possessions were not bad; they got good shots but missed. Nichols missed a couple that he generally makes (including one of those 13-foot ‘gimme’ pullups in the lane) and Devendorf had one successful drive to the basket on which he got fouled, but missed the free throws. These were, I think, symptoms of the nervous fear that took hold of the team. With the crowd howling and the pressure building, every shot was just that much more important, and the players couldn’t respond to that added level of tension.

So this hurts. A lot. This is going to seriously damage their confidence going forward. It’s going to haunt their minds the next time they are faced with a team making a run at them (whether they have a big lead at the time or not). The next time they have the ball on offense and need a basket, what will they do? Does Nichols have enough confidence left to make a tough shot? Devendorf’s confidence is never in question, but will he trust his teammates or try to do everything on his own? Will the other players be calm enough to hit an open shot if the defense lets them alone? Will they only win games in which they build a giant lead and then get just enough dribs and drabs of points in the end to stave off the other team’s comeback?


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Must win

Posted by Tim on January 26, 2007

Gotta beat Louisville this weekend. Here’s why:

1. We need a road win to ease the pain of losing to St. John’s at MSG.

2. Our margin for error is now essentially zero. As I pointed out a couple of weeks ago, our schedule is not strong enough to overcome a lot of bad losses. That means we need to get good wins where we can. This weekend’s game is a perfect example of that — we’re playing a respectable team that we should be able to beat.

3. With the relative parity of the Big East this year, it’s going to be really important to create separation from the other teams with RPIs in or around the 40s. If we put away Loolvul on the road, well, that’s one way to do it.

UPDATE: Originally, I wrote that Louisville was one of our few remaining RPI Top 50 opponents. That’s obviously wrong, as their RPI is in the high 70s. Looks like I fail at blogging. Doh! Thanks to The ‘Cusan for keeping me honest!

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the conference you love to hate

Posted by syracusan on November 15, 2006

I am not a fan of the ACC. Everyone knows this, I don’t try to hide it. Thus, yesterday, when I saw that 14th ranked Boston College managed to lose at home to Vermont, I was psyched. BC is second only to Duke on my shit list, being in the ACC and a backstabbing Judas to the Big East (despite being a northeastern school). In my joy at reading Jared Dudley’s pained quotes from the game, it occurred to me that one of my duties on this blog should be to update the world on the latest and greatest examples of ACC failure.

Granted, the hatred isn’t as satisfying as it once was. Oh sure, I still seethe at Dick Vitale, Doug Gottlieb, and Billy Packer when they insist on fellating the ACC in public regardless of performance; but now that the Big East is so ridiculously stacked, it’s not as much of a competition as it used to be. Now we can count on the majority of the national media acknowledging the Big East is by far the best league in America, and in fact the depth of the league is going to be a terror for Syracuse year in and year out. The ACC will still be overhyped, and we’ll still have to suffer endless faux-poetic rhapsodizing on their history, tradition, and “atmosphere”, but statistically they can’t compete anymore. My hatred for the ACC used to be based on the country’s lack of respect for my team’s league, but now it’s just a general habit of annoyance.

So, to the numbers: The ACC has all of 3 teams in the top 20 to start the season (compared to the Big East’s 5). UNC at #2, Duke at #10, and the aforementioned BC at #14. Granted they’re in the ACC, so they may rise in the polls after their loss. Fuckers. Georgia Tech slipped in at #21, for the record.

The Big East comes out like so:
5. Pitt
8. G-Town
17. Marquette
19. UConn
20. Syracuse

Louisville, Villanova, and DePaul pulled in some votes also, though DePaul’s started 0-2 so that’s going to be short lived. But expect Nova to be solidly ranked by the end of the year, and no one should bet against Pitino’s boys. The league is ridiculously stacked, the more I look at it. It’s a lock that 8 teams are making the Tourney, and probably 4 more have legit outside hopes. Some good teams are going to end up with crap records thanks to that murderers row; there’s almost no nights off. It’s a good year to have 3 senior starters, like Syracuse does.

Oh yeah, and fyi in the new AP poll the Orange moved up to #18. It’s a little early for Joe Lunardi to get on the shit list, but an 8 seed is strange given what everyone else in the country thinks.

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