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We’re moving to

Posted by Tim on August 24, 2007

DC is Cuse Country

This is a photo of a sign blog contributor Josh made before a game against Georgetown in Washington. It became something of a running joke in our crew: Wherever we were, that was Cuse Country. When it came time to name this little project of ours, it seemed a natural fit. Holy crap, the Internet is Cuse Country!

Now, the time has come to move to nicer real estate. And with football season looming like an orange cloud of noxious gas, we’re moving to a new address that doesn’t have “hoops” in the URL.

So come visit us at Same great stuff, new great home.


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Matt Gorman is very, very bad

Posted by syracusan on December 20, 2006

Matt Gorman is completely freaking terrible, I want to make this absolutely clear. There’s been a quiet trend in my crew to frame Matt Gorman as a potential ‘spark’ on this team. Some of the guys secretly think he should be getting more PT because they like his effort and his offensive potential. This is how the story goes: Gorman is the only guy on the team with legitimately smooth post-up moves; he’s got nice touch around the basket; he’s got a nice jump shot for a big man; he’d be helpful grease for a team with difficulty in the half court, etc, etc.

This is all bullshit. Generally, these arguments are brought up in light of frustration with Terrence or Mookie. Terrence makes one of his patented boneheaded plays, or Mookie fails to give 110%, and people suddenly want Gorman out there. I want to eliminate these absurd ideas here and now.

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More Canisius

Posted by Josh on November 27, 2006

Game stories:

Poke around the Buffalo & Niagara sites; there are several auxiliary stories, mostly about local boy Paul Harris.

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Trap Game

Posted by Josh on November 27, 2006

I agree with basically everything that El Syracusan said in the last post. I’m baffled (and troubled) by the team’s inability to run any sort of consistent half-court offense. Other than a few drive-and-dish possessions that resulted in open shots from 3 (only some of which went in), the half-court production was pretty moribund. The fast-break was the only reliable weapon they had going, and that is not something you can rely on in most games. I think Watkins’ absence hurts here, because he is at least somewhat of a low-post threat — in a half-court set, they can at least throw the ball in to him, and see how the defense adjusts, rather than lots of perimeter dribbling and passing, followed by a drive into a collapsing defense. has not shown that he has much of a post-up game; in fact he seems to have entirely given up playing in the post on offense. Which is probably on Boeheim’s orders, and is fine by me.

Tonight: the Crusaders of Holy Cross come to town, spreading their basketball gospel by the sword (to borrow a phrase). This has all the makings of an early-season trap game:

  • Holy Cross is 5-0, with a road win under their belts, playing confidently. They have some size and some athleticism on their roster. 5 guys average between 4 and 7 rebounds a game — and their leading rebounder is a 6-5 guard (who is also their leading scorer, a good 3-pt shooter, a senior — the kind of player who often gives SU fits).
  • SU may relax a bit coming home after their first road game.
  • Holy Cross coach is Ralph Willard who coached at Pitt for quite a while, so he is familiar with the Dome, the 2-3 zone, etc. In fact (I did not know this) he was an SU assistant for one year (’86-’87 – the Final Four season) so he may have even more of an inside scoop on SU’s tendencies.
  • SU’s players may be looking ahead to Saturday’s matchup with likely-top-20 Wichita State.

Combine these factors with the Orange’s habit of playing lackadaisically against lesser foes, and the ingredients are certainly there for an upset. Here’s hoping Canisius scared some sense into them, and they come out focused and aggressive from the opening tip.

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atrocities in Western New York

Posted by syracusan on November 26, 2006

At first I was excited to see that the Met’s channel, SNY, was finally contributing something positive to society by televising tonight’s SU game vs. Canisius. But given the competitive product put out on the floor by my guys tonight, I think I’d be a happier person not to have witnessed it. Though Syracuse “won” the game 81-71, there’s no way to sugar coat how awful they were in almost all phases of the game.

They got annihilated on the boards by a scrubby MAAC team with no first tier talent. The zone was atrocious all night, the offense had no rhythm, they couldn’t hit a foul shot, Canisius penetrated and got open threes no matter which defense we were in, no one could hit a jumper, etc etc. Matt Gorman started and looked totally flummoxed by the Griffins’ speed and athleticism (yes, seriously); Devendorf was completely invisible for the first 30 minutes of the game; Mike Jones came in when Jimmy got fed up with the starters, then promptly got yanked after 30 seconds due to awfulness; Andy Rautins looked like he’s only interested in shooting threes, and that other facets of the game are mere inconveniences. Paul Harris was heading for the scorers table 90 seconds into the game. Just start him, Jimmy.

The only reason the team was in it at all in the first half was Harris’ scoring and rebounding, and Nichols’ steady play. The switch to man-to-man took Canisius out of their comfort zone, but the exorbitant turnovers created in the 2nd half were not to our credit. Canisius exerted so much effort in the first half that they had nothing left in the tank down the stretch. Their passing and dribbling got lazy, and our guys were in much better shape and able to take advantage of the sloppiness. But it wasn’t due to particularly sharp D. In fact, I think it’s about time to get Mookie back from his wierd nose injury so the team can get its defensive personality in order.

We did one thing genuinely well: consistent aggressive play on offense created massive foul problems for Canisius, which contributed to their exhaustion when their big guys started fouling out. Most of the whistles were drawn by Harris and J Wright, who played a good game as an individual offensive player, though still looked highly ineffective as a floor general. I know the stats show Wright with 8 dimes, but most of those came in fast break situations. Our half court sets were disjointed and hard to watch, and overall I think the team operates a little smoother with Harris at the top. For the record, Devo looked even worse than Wright at the point, and he didn’t pick up his game tonight until late in the 2nd half when he turned back into a pure scorer.

We pulled it out in the 2nd half thanks to the Griffins’ foul trouble, ball handling problems, and inability to handle our speed and athleticism in transition. Gorman had a nice sequence when he finally got back in, and Terrence was key in sticking the knife in with a series of vicious dunks down the stretch to go with his 2nd half block party. Devo more than anyone benefited from all the turnovers, getting several easy layups in a row to extend the lead to a safe distance and make his box score look better than it should have. Harris, proving he’s not perfect, mostly disappeared in the 2nd half, though he did valuable grunt work drawing fouls and keying breaks. Too bad he missed all his foul shots. I would’ve liked to see one more rebound to keep his double-double party going, but he ended up stuck to the bench in the final minutes. Boeheim gave him a breather down the stretch, and when Canisius kept it close and started fouling at the end, he wouldn’t send him back in because of the foul shooting problems. That’s something to watch out for going forward.

The MVP was obviously Nichols, the only guy to show up for both halves. He’s steady, and he’s good at hitting shots when the other team starts thinking about other guys. It would be great if he could show up on defense as well as he has on offense, but at least we have one veteran showing some consistency early in the season.

I’m watching the Gators and Jayhawks pound on each other right now on ESPN2, and I can assure everyone out there that we’d lose to either of these teams by about 75 points if we played them right now. Some serious works needs to be done or we’re going to get embarrassed by Wichita State on our home floor.


Dickie V is doing the game and he announced his top six Diaper Dandies for the year. Guess who isn’t on the list? I don’t know much about the other guys, though I did see Kevin Durant down at Texas once and he lit it up. But there’s no way all 6 of those guys are better than Harris. Yet another reason to slap some duct tape on Vitale’s mouth.

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