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Gerry Back to Greece

Posted by Josh on August 19, 2007

Hot off the newswire — well, OK, a couple weeks old but just recently uncovered by our crack team of researchers — Gerry McNamara has decided to try his luck in Greece again. He has signed a contract to play for Panionios BC. Here is the news release on the team page — unfortunately it is in Greek. But they must be psyched to have him, because it’s a long, detailed release — in fact it appears to be a full summary of his career. For the non-Greek-literate, there are some good photos, and a few links (the first of which is OrangeRay’s player page at – you go Ray!) at the bottom of the page, including some Gerry YouTube love. Here is his team player page (also in Greek).

Panionios is in the same league as Gerry’s Greek squad from last year, Olympiakos BC. Last season Panionos finished 4th in the league while Olympiakos was third. So there is definitely a good chance for some revenge games this fall. Panionios is also an ULEB team this year (and if you don’t know what that means, check the latter bits of this post). One of G’s teammates is Levon Kendall, formerly of Pittsburgh. (The rest are random Greek guys, plus one Lithuanian and one Australian.)

One other item: Panionios’ commercial sponsor in Greece is a company called “Forthnet”; maybe Gerry can get his old pal Craiggers a role in their ad campaign or something.


9 Responses to “Gerry Back to Greece”

  1. OrangeRay said

    Glad to see Gerry is playing overseas again. I don’t expect him ever to be a star in the NBA, but I’d like to see him play there at some point.

    Also glad to know has gone international. Perhaps I can get some free Greek food?

  2. Interesting that you guys break this story on the 19th. I run a link to it on the 20th and the Post-Standard runs the story (without referencing you) on the 21st. Shenanigans, I say…

  3. Josh said

    Shenanigans are certainly strongly indicated. Keep in mind that Gerry’s contract was signed on or about *August 9*. Waters went on vacation Aug 4; his first blog item upon returning was on Aug 13, but it’s about Rautins on the Canadian team. Then there’s nothing for a few days, then a couple “stretch posts” about recruits with very tenuous Syracuse connections going to other schools — the kind of posts that one puts up when one really has nothing to say, but has to post SOMETHING as a condition of one’s employment. If Mike had known about the Gerry signing at this point, he certainly would have reported it then.

    I imagine that Waters either saw one of our blogs, or got tipped off by someone who did, and as soon as he heard the news he picked up his red Bill Neff Hotline Phone and was like “Cmon, Bill, WTF? I’ve been dying over here, scraping together items about Cincy recruits that went to Louis Orr’s high school! What are you doing sitting on this, after all the free pub I’ve given you these past two years?”

  4. I tend to agree. If you notice, his post is at like 11:30 at night, so it was likely a rush job to get it up ASAP after being told late in the day.

    I’m not naming names but someone else clearly took something I posted and then did their own post over there without referencing me last week.

    I’ll play the good little blogger a little while longer but I’m keeping my eyes out.

  5. Mike Waters said


    Just wanted to come on here and answer some very serious accusations of plagiarism.

    I learned of Gerry McNamara’s decision to sign with the team in Greece during a phone call with Bill Neff on the morning of Monday, Aug. 20. I called Bill because I had seen a note on an NBA site that he had been hired by Demetris Nichols.

    As our conversation about Nichols neared its end, I asked Bill about Gerry. He says, ‘He’s going back to Greece.’ After getting up off the floor, I continued the interview. I wrote up the story for the next day’s paper.

    I waited to blog the story because I knew none of the local TV and radio stations would have it and I didn’t want to tip them off. I waited until after their 11 o’clock newscasts.

    I’ve always liked this site; although I can’t say I’m a real frequent visitor. I get Google alerts to certain names and phrases and sometimes this site pops up in my email because of one of these alerts.

    I never saw the blog item about Gerry. Good for you guys for ferreting out that news. Believe me, if I’d seen the item, I would’ve written the story earlier.

    I’ve been around long enough to know better than to lift someone’s information. It’s just not worth it in the long haul. It can damage one’s reputation and in the worst instances of plagiarism (e.g. lifting quotes or entire sections of stories) it can get one fired.

    Even in a recent blog item, I noted that the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Syracuse recruit Dion Waiters was going to South Kent Prep. However, I did make my own phone calls to verify the Inquirer’s info, which turned out to be correct.

    So keep on doing what you do here. It’s very enjoyable. And I’ll keep doing what I do.


    Mike Waters
    Syracuse Post-Standard

  6. syracusan said

    Hi Mike,

    I apologize for us assuming the worst. Behind the scenes I also sent some emails to some of the other writers on this blog speculating that you had taken the Gerry material from Josh’s post. But I accept your explanation and I feel bad that we jumped to conclusions. You do good work and lord knows plenty of our content is just commentary about stuff that you report. We’ll keep on reading, and thanks for stopping in from time to time.

  7. Mike,

    Just saw your response. I’m emailing you to discuss but I too apologize for the jump to conclusions. Thanks for the note.

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  9. Carl said

    I heard he was cut in greece for mateen cleeves former teammate in da d-league for the bakersfeild jam. If anyone has anymore updated news email wit da info.

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