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Otis among the Twelve Tribes

Posted by Josh on August 10, 2007

Otis Hill is, in his own way, tracing the life journey of my great-aunt and great-uncle. He is going from Poland to Israel.

Within the last day or so, Otis signed a contract for next year to play for Ironi Nahariya. Here is the official news release from the team’s website. Nahariya finished in fifth place in the Israeli Basketball Super League last season, missing the playoffs. Otis is actually returning to Nahariya. He played for them in the 2005-06 season, a year in which they made the playoffs, so I expect that they are happy to have him back. They are not an ULEB team, though other members of their league are. So, Otis will not be facing off against Preston Shumpert this fall.


2 Responses to “Otis among the Twelve Tribes”


    WoW, Otis Hill is still doing his thing. I remember when he was in th eight grade at Pleasantville high school, nobody could touch him. He went straight to varsity from there & I had the pleasure of playing againt him on the court as a rival, then as teamate. I am Wakiem Freeman and O.T. is a old friend, me & his pops were cool, so natrually we are to. I havent seen O.T. in years, so for him to POP into my mind, just to see his progress is amazing. Hey O, if you ever read this, just know I made out, glad to see that you did too. KEEP GRINDING….

  2. Mark Dean said

    I wish he could get a shot at the NBA…..the sorry ass knicks over paying dudes with half Of Otis heart are not smart enough to look for role players…..Otis Hill “The Taxi Cab” he’ll take you where you want to go.

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