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Otto and The Kool-Aid Man: Separated at Birth?

Posted by Jer on June 6, 2007 has posted a list of 14 sports mascots and the celebrities they feel those mascots resemble. Otto the Orange (or as Rivalfish calls him ‘The Syracuse Orangeman’) comes in at #4 next to The Kool-Aid Man.

While I do often wish that Otto would crash through more walls, I don’t know if a cartoon logo quite qualifies as a ‘celebrity’. For what it’s worth, I think Otto bears a striking resemblance to our Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez.

Who do you think Otto’s long-lost twin might be?


3 Responses to “Otto and The Kool-Aid Man: Separated at Birth?”

  1. Josh said

    Otto also has trouble recalling important meetings… but that’s because he got punched in the head a couple times by DeShaun Williams.

  2. Nicely played. I couldn’t think of anyone…

  3. Domo Arig OTTO said

    In this picture there is a slight resemblance to Wilford Brimley:

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