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Nichols’ Workout Schedule

Posted by Josh on June 6, 2007

Readers of Mike Waters’ SU Hoops blog will have seen that Demetris Nichols had a private workout for the Knicks and Nets yesterday. Well, “private” beacuse it included 3 other players. Here’s a somewhat fluffy story from about it. The Nets GM is quoted as saying: “The kid can really knock down shots.” There is a (very) slightly more substantial piece on the Nets’ official site, with Demetris talking a little bit about his game, and saying “most all of my shots today were going in … as usual.” Quite a change in confidence level from a couple years ago. But this is about all we’ll get from these workouts — the regular media is usually banned from them, so the only sources are the post-workout news conferences where the GMs and coaches are careful not to let slip anything substantial about the players’ performances, lest they tip their hand before draft day.

It’s likely that Nichols will work for a lot of other teams before the summer is over. Most teams release their workout schedule sporadically during the summer. has a list of all the upcoming confirmed workouts (though they delete those that have already occurred from the list). But someone at the Portland Oregonian has got a hold of the Blazers’ entire schedule, and put it on their Blazers Blog. Portland has the #1 pick so there is great interest in who they are working out and when. Nichols is on there, and the Blazers have picks #7 and #12 in round 2, right about where he is projected. But the most notable thing about his workout is who he’s scheduled around:

  • Wednesday, June 20: GREG ODEN, Ohio St
  • Thursday, June 21: Greg Oden breakfast; Demetris Nichols, Syracuse; Kevin Durant dinner
  • Friday, June 22: KEVIN DURANT, Texas

It’s going to be quite a scene in Portland those few days, and Nic will be in the middle of it all (literally) getting a glimpse of the media frenzy. I wonder if the Blazers’ brass will even be paying attention during his workout. I can imagine their minds constantly wandering as Demetris drops in trey after trey, his silky shooting rhythm lulling them to sleep.


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