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Mook & Nic in Orlando

Posted by Josh on June 1, 2007

Yesterday, Demetris Nichols continued his impressive shooting at the NBA pre-draft camp. He scored 17 points on 6-7 shooting, including 3-4 from deep. The story about all of Day 3 is here, but you have to scroll down a ways to see the blurb about Nichols. Alternatively you can go to Demetris’ profile page which has just the blurb about him, though does not have his statline for the game yesterday. The main thrust of their commentary is that he is “instant offense” but only average in terms of defense and rebounding.

Darryl Watkins also got some coverage from draftexpress. He had a bad game 1 on Wednesday but a better effort Thursday in game 2, with 7 points and 9 rebounds in 20 minutes of play. You can go to his profile page to read more, but it’s likely that any of us could have written what you will find there, without being at the camp. Tell me if these phrases sound familiar:

  • “[I]t should be noted that most of his shot attempts could’ve been finished with powerful jams he is capable of making, though he usually settles for finesse moves he doesn’t consistently convert instead.”
  • Watkins has a great set of physical tools, and shows off some nice skills as well, but he doesn’t consistently play with the assertiveness he should on either end of the floor.”

Still, their opinion is that Mookie is showing enough talent and raw athletic ability to get drafted in the 2nd round as a ‘project’, and will likely end up signing a contract but being assigned to the D-League where he can develop his game.


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