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None of that

Posted by Tim on May 30, 2007

We here at Cuse Country are extraordinarily vain, so we really like to see who’s visiting and how they got here. Since the end of basketball season, hardly anyone has. That wasn’t unanticipated, but it still made us cry.

Still, a few loyal readers have continued to check us out. To them, we say thanks. And to the smaller still group of people who come here looking for kodiak bears, we say this: “What were you thinking?”

Thanks to the amazing powers bestowed upon us by WordPress, I can count 35 times in the last week that someone has landed on this site after looking up “kodiak bear” or some variation on an internet search engine. That’s weird, right? Well, not really. Back in Februay, Tom wrote a post in which he likened to the world’s largest land carnivore crammed into an orange No. 33 jersey.

Many days, “kodiak bear” is the search term that brings the most visitors to our site. But it’s not always the most random. Just in the past week, we’ve had some really great ones, including “kiwi power,” “guys with skinny arms” (probably an apt description of all of CC’s contributors, incidentally), and “villanova girl.”

All I can say is this: It must be really frustrating for the person who ended up here last week after searching for “Can freshmen bring cars to Keuka College?” (The answer would appear to be yes, in case you were wondering.)

When it comes to SU hoops-related queries, a lot of people seem to be hoping that we have some inside dirt on which Cuse player is considering a transfer. Searches for “Eric Devendorf to transfer,” “Devin Brennan-McBride will transfer,” and “Paul Harris to transfer” all brought visitors here in the past seven days. Doesn’t look like anyone’s asked about Josh Wright, the most obvious choice in the opinion of your Cuse Country pundits.

Oh, and if you’re looking for information on kodiak bears, click here.


3 Responses to “None of that”

  1. Jer said

    Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

  2. I have 5 (Five!) separate searches for “Daryl Gross Is Shit” that (happily) led people to my site the other day

  3. ajohn135 said

    Tim, I’m one of the random ‘Cuse fans that make my way to your site from time to time, but this post has made me want to come back a lot more regularly. Good stuff.

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