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push polling

Posted by syracusan on May 20, 2007

Ray over at OrangeHoops put together a fun little distraction for the summer that’s worth a minute or two of your time. He set up a Rankopedia poll on the greatest SU basketball players of all time, and he’s asking people to go vote for their top ten. It’s an interesting exercise, and I’m as curious as he to see what our collective wisdom will come up with. He’s provided a list of the top 50 players (according to his historical analysis), and you can pick and choose amongst that group for your top ten. Stats are provided as a guide, and it’s up to you to choose how you want to interpret a one-year wonder like Carmelo as compared to a four year contributor with more impressive cumulative numbers (though Ray is asking people to value the overall career).

Interestingly, the top ten as it currently stands after a dozen or so votes exactly matches my top ten, though in a different order. I wonder if SU’s history has produced a convenient ten spot of transcendent players that clearly stand out above all the rest? We’ll know more once more people vote. The top three looks like it’s already a lock though, as Bing, Coleman, and Melo are collectively miles ahead of the rest.

2 Responses to “push polling”

  1. OrangeRay said

    Thanks for the plug. 20 votes so far; I’ll probably wait for the holiday weekend to end, and comment on the results next week; as you’ve mentioned the top 10 seem quite reasonable at this point. (Un)Fortunately, we’ll all have free time from not having a vested interest in the lacrosse final four.

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