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thoughts on Hop

Posted by syracusan on May 15, 2007

The blogosphere and the sports internetosphere are abuzz over the upcoming announcement from the SU administration that Mike Hopkins will be officially designated as Jim Boeheim’s eventual replacement as head coach. I figured I’d throw up a post for news as big as this, just in case anyone out there only checks this blog for their Syracuse basketball info (which, I might add, is not a good strategy during the summer…) [Apparently Tom was typing his post below at the same time as me.]

Reaction around the community seems to be universally positive. The conventional wisdom is that Hopkins is a logical and promising successor, and I can’t directly argue with that. While I’m not as starry eyed as everyone else over Hopkins, I admit that there’s no other clear choice that makes sense. My problem is not with Hop himself, it’s that everyone seems so convinced that he’s a sure thing, which to me is premature. It seems to me that when the time comes, it would be nice if the AD had the option of picking the best available coach, rather than having his hands tied. That said, Hop has loads of talent and potential, and certainly has as good a chance of working out as anyone.

Troy Nunes is interpreting this announcement as a signal that Jimmy only has a couple years left. I wouldn’t be so alarmist. Sure, Boeheim isn’t getting any younger and he could bail in a couple of years, but I don’t think naming Hop as the designate is related to that decision. To me, this announcement signals that SU thinks Hop is a gem, and realizes that if they don’t give him some job security and guarantees, they might lose him. This locks Hop in for a long time — even if Jimmy wants to coach 10 more years, Hop will stick around now and wait it out.


One Response to “thoughts on Hop”

  1. ajohn135 said

    I was waiting for you guys to post something about this. I don’t really believe Boeheim is only a year or two away from retirement, I just think the move was made more for Hopkins, who’s probably at the point where he needed to decided if he’s going to stay at Syracuse for the long haul or pursue a head job elsewhere.

    You never know though, they could have made this move because Boeheim isn’t getting any younger, and they wanted to lock up Hopkins as his successor. Afterall, he has been there for over a decade as an assistant.

    I do love the fact that they have an alumn who has been a coach there for 12 years to be the successor. Nice move!

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