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Jersey Mobsters Love SU

Posted by Tim on May 14, 2007

I’d love to be able to take credit for noticing this, especially since the end of the semester has kept me away from the blog. But I got it via Josh who got it from friend-of-Cuse Country Mike W., who’s holding it down in Chicago. So, giving all props to those two, here’s an interesting intersection between SU hoops and The Sopranos (major spoilers follow the jump, so don’t click through if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing):

In case you don’t watch The Sopranos regularly, there have been consecutive shoutouts to the Cuse’ in the previous two episodes. Perhaps this is worth a blog.

In Episode 82: “Walk Like a Man” a character is talking about transferring to the SU media studies program with some girls at a party. This is right before AJ Soprano (Tony’s son) and his college goons pour sulphuric acid on his foot for missing payments on a bet (which later results in several toes being amputated).

In Episode 83: “Kennedy and Heidi” several characters are sitting in a house mourning the passing of Chris (Tony’s nephew) and one of the characters (Chris’s father-in-law) exclaims that Syracuse is losing (a brief shot of a basketball game is shown on the TV). This is a few scenes after Chris has crashed the SUV (high on cocaine) with Tony as the passenger and is shown slowly suffocating on his own blood (Tony finishes him off by holding his nose).


4 Responses to “Jersey Mobsters Love SU”

  1. That’s right, I totally meant to talk about that. I was bragging after the first reference but now I’m not so sure. The kid transferring there is a welching gimp and we get a nice shout-out for losing.

    Gandolfini is a big Rutgers guy…this is what we get for beating them by 50 all those times in football…

  2. syracusan said

    This is all Jason Cipolla. He’s our in with the Sopranos. They’re busting his balls with all the SU references.

  3. Michael said

    Yeah, sorry Tim, I would have sent the scoop to you, but it seemed like Josh was the only active blogger lately (last four posts).

  4. Josh said

    They should expand the “Orange in the Apple” campaign into central NJ, there is obviously a major SU subculture propagating down there.

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