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Posted by Josh on May 8, 2007

A couple of intriguing developments in the SU hoops program over the past few days. To wit:

For the love of Kristof. The Post-Standard has the story today, but OrangeFan had the rumors Tuesday and the scoop from one of the recruiting forums on Friday, that SU has signed a 6’8″ Belgian from a junior college in CA. O-Fan also got a scouting report. The guy’s name (Kristof Ongenaet) is going to be mangled by PA and TV announcers far and wide, probably worse than Boeheim used to get it (Jim Bow-HEEM anyone?) but it sounds like he is not an Ovcina clone — namely, that he is a strong interior-type guy rather than a three-point gunner. This signing adds much-needed depth to the front line, even if all he does is foul Hasheem Thabeet five times.

By the way, I am officially declaring this guy’s nickname is “Kong”. Spread the word.

Offense and Freshman Leadership. Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician tracked down a quote from Boeheim from an appearance at Keuka College on Friday, in which he says that “all four freshmen will play, and at least two will start.” First of all, there are five frosh in the incoming class so this is as good a signal as any that Sean Williams will redshirt. Secondly, it gives us a fresh opening to hypothesize starting lineups for next year. This statement, if true, would eliminate the speculated “default” combination of Dorf, Rautins, Harris, D. Greene, and Onuaku. Does Flynn step in and push Rautins back to the bench? Does Rick Jackson start as a freshman center? Is it at all conceivable that Harris doesn’t start next year, with [either] Flynn at the point and Rautins playing the baseline of the zone [or] a full load of beef with Jackson and Arinze up front, Greene and the two juniors on the outside? Or, does Greene back up Harris?

OrangeFan also found a report (mentioned in the post linked above about Kong) that Jackson has put on a couple dozen pounds of muscle this spring, so let that fuel the fires of speculation just that much more. Personally my hunch is Jackson starts over Onuaku, with Harris at the 4 and Greene at the 3. But I wouldn’t bet real money on it.


4 Responses to “Around SU Blogland…”

  1. Tom said

    I’d have to say I’d be shocked if two freshman were starting in the opener, or the first couple months of the season for that matter. Boeheim has shown an annoying pattern lately of overhyping his incoming freshmen the last few year, starting with his statement that Devendorf would be the Big East freshman of the year, and that Paul Harris would be so good as to probably only stick around for 1 year.
    It’s risky to assume that Josh Wright, the lone senior on the team, won’t be the starting point guard at least to start the season. And perhaps riskier to assume that Onuaku won’t be starting.
    I choose to take Boeheim’s comments for their spirit, that the freshman are going to see real minutes and be important factors.

  2. Orangefan said

    I’m not sure JB actually said that. He’s quoted as saying so in the text press release from Keuka College, but in the video attached to the report, all he says is that “all 4 of them will play.” Unless he said something off the tape, it looks like the Commo Directory at Keuka misquoted the coach.

  3. Josh said

    It does make more sense that he was misquoted, it isn’t like him to declare starters before practice has even begun. But it’s fun to speculate anyway.

    As to one of Tom’s points, I don’t think it’s risky to predict Wright out of the starting lineup. He wasn’t starting at the end of last season, remember. The fact that he is a senior just means that JB will have learned from experience that he should not expect great things from Wright.

  4. Orangefan said

    Yeah, I think Josh is headed for the Sonny Spera role – a team captain who rarely plays (although Josh should still get a lot more minutes than Sonny did as a senior).

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