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From Way Downtown… Bang!

Posted by Josh on May 3, 2007

They’re moving the college 3-point line back an entire foot. Coach B is quoted in this article on as being in favor of the change but he also wants a somewhat wider paint area. As far as next year’s SU team, this is slightly troubling because we lost our only pure long-range shooter, and this will mean that Devendorf probably just hoists the same shots from further away. In a couple years this may actually end up reducing the impact of freshmen who will not be used to shooting from the longer line (this season it will be the same deal for everyone). But the big question I have is, how will this affect the 2-3 zone? Will it be more effective, because opposing offenses will be setting up further from the basket? Or will it be less powerful because the “gaps” in the zone will get wider? What do you guys think?


One Response to “From Way Downtown… Bang!”

  1. Jeff said

    I’m going to say that anything that decreases the number of threes made is going to help the zone. Now those just-over-the-line threes are going not going to be attractive shots as long twos.

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