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Younger Every Year

Posted by Josh on April 20, 2007

The Post-Standard has reported in the past few days that SU has verbal commitments from two players in the class of 2008 (a.k.a. the post-Josh Wright Era): Kris Joseph and James Southerland. OrangeFan (who has his finger firmly on the pulse of SU recruiting) has some prime info and links in his post about Joseph. Southerland’s announcement just came down the pike last night; I imagine that OrangeFan will have a boatload of more information shortly. In the meantime, the P-S story makes him sound like Preston Shumpert — a tall but slim wing player with a sweet shooting stroke. But this quote from his high school coach in that story simply baffles me:

“He’s got that one skill that you can’t teach. He can shoot.”

First of all, there are plenty of skills you can’t teach. Secondly, shooting isn’t one of them. Let’s review a bit. Here are some things you can teach:

  • passing
  • ballhandling
  • moving without the ball
  • setting screens
  • shooting
  • your children well
  • a smothering 2-3 zone defense

Things you can’t teach:

  • height
  • athleticism
  • heart/guts
  • court vision
  • clutchness (“Onions!”)
  • basketball instincts
  • Georgetown Hoyas

I’m sure there are others — what did I miss?


7 Responses to “Younger Every Year”

  1. Michael said


  2. Tremendous Upside Potential?

    And you get a nice golf clap for the Hoyas joke. Well placed.

  3. Matt D. said

    ok, I’ll say it.

    uhh… Josh Wright?

  4. Ray Y said

    I’d agree you can teach shooting… up to a point. If a guy doesn’t have the right hand/eye coordination, no matter how much you work on his shooting form, he’ll never be a great shooter.

  5. bobbyk said

    Last I heard Boeheim was recruiting Brandon Triche. Haven’t heard anything since Triche blew out his ACL, so I’m wondering what’s up with that situation…

  6. Josh said

    Triche is class of ’09 — that is, he is finishing his sophomore year of high school. So if he is going to give an early verbal commitment it will be around this time next year. I don’t know anything about his progress in rehab or whether he even expects to play ball next winter.

  7. Plormalem said


    VIAGRA, CIALIS, PHENTERMINE, SOMA… and other pills!

    Welcome please:


    Welcome please:


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