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Mookie Makes It

Posted by Josh on April 11, 2007

Thanks to an anonymous tip, Cuse Country is breaking the news that yesterday, Mookie Watkins was selected in the 2nd round (#14 overall) of the USBL Draft by the New Jersey Meteors who are such an expansion team that they don’t have any data on their web page yet and were apparently named after this news item from January. Don’t worry, this isn’t the ABA; the USBL plays from mid-April through June and is mainly a venue for former college players to get some experience and exposure before the NBA Draft, summer leagues, rookie camps, etc. Plus, Mook grew up in Paterson, just down the road from the Meteors’ home (Newark). So he’ll get some home cookin’ over the summer. The USBL season starts this Friday and we’ll keep an eye on his progress.


3 Responses to “Mookie Makes It”

  1. Oops said

    You aren’t “breaking” anything. If you were, there wouldn’t be links in your story.

  2. Jer said

    That’s harsh, Oops. The only link that mentions Mookie is merely a list of names from the USBL, the second link is their blank home page, and the third is from As far as actual reporting on event, that seems ‘breaking’ to me. But that’s just one fat reporter’s opinion.

    Good work, Josh (and Deep Throat Orange). BTW, I think I’ve been persuaded to join the ‘ community’.

  3. Daz said

    Well put, Jer. It’s not like one of the links was to a news story about Mookie’s selection. Finding a piece of information buried on a USBL website and putting into a forum where ‘Cuse fans might actually find out about it certainly qualifies as breaking a story in my book. I know I for one hadn’t checked the USBL draft results yet, so i was glad to read it here. You know, saved me some time. (I have to ask Oops, did you click on the links?)

    Nice work Josh, and shout out to the source.

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