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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Best Syracuse-Related Online Video

Posted by Jer on March 30, 2007

If you haven’t won an Otto yet this year, your window of opportunity is closing fast. They’re flying off the shelves faster than the West Virgina NIT Championship T-Shirt. And now I have the honor of presenting the award for the ‘Best Syracuse-Related Online Video’.

Just a few years ago, the only ‘video’ you could see of Syracuse was nightly on SportsCenter’s Top 10 or by owning your very own National Championship DVD. Thanks to YouTube, we can (not that we do…) spend our entire day watching Syracuse ‘content’ online from game highlights to tributes to past teams to press conferences to vintage fights to people just generally making asses of themselves.

In a season that featured both amazing performances and general ridiculousness, it was fitting that the two nominees for best video represented these two aspects of the Orange and their fans.

Both DutchHart from Getting Back to ‘03 and Howie from Sports Night With Howie Mansfield nominated Paul ‘The Hustle’ Harris’ monster dunk to end the half against Villanova in March.

Harris drives from beyond the NBA arc to slam it home (with Will Sheridan narrowly avoiding the Royal Ivey treatment). I’m just waiting for next year when ‘Best Paul Harris Dunk’ is an SOBA category of its own. Beyond the fact that it was a great dunk, the video serves as a reminder that at least once in the 06-07 season did we have the ball with less than 20 seconds left and not turn it over to our opponent. I will now conveniently forget that we ended up losing this game to the Wildcats.

While Harris’ amazing performance was enough to get him nominated for this Otto, general ridiculousness won out in the end. The Otto for Best Syracuse-Related Online Video goes to:

Greg Lessans, Greg Klotz, Joe Frandino, and Auyon Ghosh, members of ‘Syracuse University’s Premier Air Band’ for their rendition of Europe’s ‘classic’ hit Final Countdown.

According to The Daily Orange, Lessans & Co., four SU freshman, were bored during Syracuse’s Valentine’s Day snowstorm, so they decided to rock out for the cameras. Their rise to YouTube fame reached its peak when they were featured on the big screen at the Carrier Dome.

Matt from Orange44, Josh from Cuse Country, and MariusJanulisForThree at TNIAAM put this video over the top in the balloting. Mr. Nunes writes ‘Gotta give it to Final Countdown. Good organization, good planning, they all seemed to know their “instruments” very well and the added bonus of watching random people walk by in the background clueless to what was going on.” Matt adds ‘there is no competitor’.

Messrs. Lessans, Klotz, Frandino, and Ghosh could not be here to accept this award (as we haven’t told them), but I plan to contact them shortly to see if they would like to post an acceptance speech in the comments section. Check back.

Only one more Otto to go. Hit up OrangeHoops at 4pm EST for the awarding of the 2006-2007 SOB SU MVP and check Troy Nunes at five for a complete wrap up. Thanks for watching!


6 Responses to “Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Best Syracuse-Related Online Video”

  1. Nicely done. Actually we changed things up…Orange44 is next and I’ll wrap it up with an MVP/Wrap-Up combo.


  2. Jer said

    I must have missed the TPS report.

  3. voteprime said

    Dude, the keyboardist is totally the MVP of that video. Can we have another Otto? MVP of best Syracuse-Related Online Video? I mean, he’s in character the whole way through, doing his best to air-play his keyboard as accurately as possible. Even when he’s getting bumped by the guitarist, he fights through it, trying desperately to reach the right keys on his keyboard.

    Close runner-up to this new Otto would be the Swiffer-as-microphone.

  4. I bet that’s the most action that swiffer’s seen all year.

  5. Jameson said

    Over at the Front Row, I’ll let them know of their victory since they live right next door to me. A new airband video is potentially in the making. Any requests for them?

  6. Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

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