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NIT Bracket Challenge Winners

Posted by Josh on March 30, 2007

I don’t have time to update the brackets and scoreboard, but here are the final results from the Inaugural Cuse Country NIT bracket Challenge:

  • 4th place: Matt D, with 37 points
  • 3rd place: msprague, with 45 points
  • 2nd place: Gross Incompetence with 47 points
  • WINNER: Jesco Jr with 49 points

Each of the above participants will receive an NIT Apple Patch; Gross Incompetence will get a copy of the 1989 NIT program; and Jesco Jr will receive a brand-new copy of National Invitation Tournament, a book/photo essay about the history of the NIT. Complete descriptions of the prizes can be found in this post. One note: upon receiving the prizes, I discovered that the 1990 program is actually from the preseason NIT, so I tossed that out.

Oh, and the winner of the “Person who had the most points while also picking Syracuse to win it all” is Cuse Country’s own Ech1 with 35 points. Sir, your Winnebago will be on its way shortly.

Thanks everyone for playing! Let’s not do it again next year!


4 Responses to “NIT Bracket Challenge Winners”

  1. Jeff said

    Ha, I initially read that as “Let’s do it again next year!”. I thought maybe you were on drugs. So yeah, thanks for putting it on and let’s definitely not do this again.

  2. Jay Sprague said

    Hey, thank you for putting on this game, I know it was a lot of time and effort. You do not know how hard it was to find an NIT pick ’em game, and it was really enjoyable to see everyones picks. I beleive this NIT was one of the best fields in a long time, and all the games were pretty much competitive. Again, thanks for the all the work.

    Jay Sprague
    Parkersburg, WV

  3. voteprime said

    Thanks for putting this together. It brought some joy to an otherwise depressing post season.

    My picks were going so well…and then they fell apart. Display the Bago proudly!

  4. Buck Moore (Jesco Jr.) said

    Thanks for taking the time to conduct the contest. I have to admit the only reason I won was because I was a “homer” and picked WVU to win the thing. Good luck this fall. (except Oct. 6). The Big East needs the ‘Cuse to be a player in football again.
    Buck Moore (Jesco Jr.)
    Cow Creek, WV

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