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Jonny Flynn is probably better than Josh Wright

Posted by syracusan on March 29, 2007

The McDonald’s All-America game was last night, and I just saw that a Jonny Flynn dunk made SportsCenter’s top ten plays of the night. It was the only highlight from the game that made the list. The dunk was pretty sick, reminiscent of Paul Harris’ against San Diego State in terms of form, position on the court, and where his opponent was. Except that Flynn is only 6 feet tall and he was dunking over Michael Beasely, who’s 6’9″ and was the overall star of the game.

I tried to find a clip on YouTube or on, but no luck. But if you catch any episode of SportsCenter today before a new Top Ten is formed with tonight’s games, you’ll probably see it. They usually run that segment towards the end of the hour, and I think Flynn was #3. The P-S ran a story on the game, and mentioned the dunk right off the bat. Apparently Flynn also hit a three with a minute to go to bring the east within 112-114, but they could get no closer. Flynn was the overall leader in assists for the game, but our other boy Donte Greene apparently did not distinguish himself.

Most importantly, Flynn is capable of throwing down monster dunks and hitting clutch threes. That in and of itself suggests he’ll be getting more PT than Wright next year.


3 Responses to “Jonny Flynn is probably better than Josh Wright”

  1. The Monk said

    I watched the game last night and Flynn impressed me more than Greene, as I noted. Flynn looked intense, could penetrate and dish, could hit from 3 and had that NICE dunk right before the half. Greene was ok in the first half (7 points, hit a trey) but needed to man-up on the boards. He looked nearly as bad as Hakim did (two rebounds vs. Collison’s 21) when SU beat Kansas for the title in ’03.

  2. bobbyk said

    I watched the last 5 min of this game, caught the dunk and the 3. I honestly didn’t think Flynn would be playing ahead of Wright but after seeing him play even this short amount of time I have to say I’m not so sure anymore….

  3. doleary said


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