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a nod to Jeff Green, and a shudder about the future

Posted by syracusan on March 25, 2007

Back in the last couple weeks of the season, when the debate over Big East MVP was still simmering, I suggested that it might be possible that Nichols not only deserved to be MVP but in fact was the league’s best player. I’m now willing to accept that I was completely wrong about that. I don’t know whether or not Jeff Green’s on-paper resume made him worthy of the MVP award, but I sure as heck know that he’s the league’s best player. What he’s done the past couple of games for Georgetown has been nothing short of outstanding, under the brightest possible lights and the toughest possible competition. He’s one of the more complete players I’ve ever seen, and his fundamentals are enough to make an SU fan cry. The discipline, willpower, and mental toughness that he and his Hoya teammates displayed tonight against UNC was a wonder to behold. They’re a borg-like machine on offense: executing you to death, never panicking, sticking to the plan no matter what, driving you into the ground. If I were Ohio State, I’d be shitting my pants right about now.

Which brings me to my point of concern. We’re witnessing the birth of a perennial national power this post-season, and they happen to live in our conference. UConn, Syracuse, and Pitt better get used to second place for a little while, assuming Green and Hibbert stay another year. Either way, given JT III’s youth and unbelievable coaching skills, Georgetown is going to be a monster for a long time, and it’s just another roadblock that SU is going to have to deal with. If we’re lucky, UConn will enter some sort of extended decline to make up for it…but I wouldn’t count on that.


Don’t think I didn’t notice that the ACC got shut out of the Final Four for the second year in a row. Holla!


8 Responses to “a nod to Jeff Green, and a shudder about the future”

  1. OrangeRay said

    I was hoping for the OT Shutout of North Carolina, but they made the meaningless three with 7 seconds to go. The Hoyas look very good. It would be nice to have the evil empire back in the Big East, though JT III is not quite the menace that his father was.

  2. Donald said

    Holla, indeed.

    You are completely right about Georgetown’s “discipline, willpower, and mental toughness”. This was easily the best game of the tournament. So glad that Tivo exists.

  3. […] a nod to Jeff Green, and a shudder about the future: Cuse Country admits that Jeff Green was indeed deserving of the Big East player of the year, mentions that G’town could be the new sheriff in the Big East, and that the ACC has missed out on the last two Final Fours. […]

  4. bobbyk said

    OK, now to ask the hard question. If JTIII can do this what’s up with our coaching staff/recruiting philosophy? I remember 4 years ago Boeheim himself said he thought these current seniors were the best group they’d ever brought in, and many of the national recruiting services and coaches also agreed. So what happened? Bad coaching or was literally EVERYONE wrong about them?

  5. voteprime said

    Rather than be scared, I’m excited that this could be a sign the Big East will unquestionably be the dominant conference in the country. It never seems to get the respect it deserves, and yet we continue to have plenty of teams in the tourney, several teams in the top 25 and now a team in the final four. Add UConn back into the mix after a down year and people will be scared.

    The Big East is back, baby! Although it never really went anywhere.

  6. Matt said

    Bobbyk – I don’t think everyone was wrong, my view is that and Mookie didn’t reach their potential. Towards the end of this year was the first time they showed what they are (were…) capable of. If these two came together earlier in the ‘always know where the other is’ sense, they would have been the force that was predicted. You could almost make the case that Nichols bloomed a year late… but we’ll see him in the bigs next year.

  7. voteprime said

    Anyone else think Mookie could get drafted in the first round? I have this feeling that he’ll impress a few people in the NBA camps. He’s got a big body and still seems to have some unrealized potential. However, I’m no scout so I have no idea.

  8. Jeff said

    I’m with voteprime. I’m psyched about Georgetown being back. I missed the rivalry. Sure, that probably means it’s going to be a football game when we play down there. Bring it on, regardless.

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