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NIT Bracket Challenge Standings

Posted by Josh on March 22, 2007

It’s still anybody’s game! OK, well not anybody, but a lot of people still have a chance to win this thing.

The “leader in the clubhouse” is taywaves with 31 points. However, taywaves has no opportunity to earn any more points, because both “finalist” picks have been eliminated. There are twelve players who still have a chance to earn more points (current scores in parentheses):

  • msprague (21)
  • OrangeFoxes (24)
  • Mark Da Shark (25)
  • HoustonCuse (23)
  • Daz (20)
  • Jesco Jr (25)
  • Jer (21)
  • Gross Incompetence (23)
  • Nesfeder (23)
  • Matt D (29)
  • Ech1 (27)
  • Tim (26)

Of these twelve, msprague, Jesco Jr, Gross Incompetence and Matt D are the only ones whose pick to win the whole thing is still alive. Nobody chose more than two final four teams correctly. All the #1 seeds made it to the final four — anyone who picked straight chalk on their bracket would have been in an unstoppable position. Only four lower-seeded teams won games in the first three rounds.

Because of my poorly constructed bracket, there are two minor issues that have arisen. Tim had two final four picks correct, but thought they were playing each other (they are not). He will earn finalist points if either wins their respective games, but will not win “winner” points since he chose neither team to win the entire thing. Ech1 chose two final four teams correctly, but did not think they were playing each other (they are). I have asked him to choose a winner of that game in the next couple of days. He too will not be able to get “winner” points since he chose neither of these teams to win the crown. Nobody else had any such issues in their brackets, as far as I can tell — if you have a situation that I have overlooked, contact me at cusecountry (at)

Finally, in the race for the Winnebago, J-Cuse-Girl is currently in the lead with 27 points  (much to her delight I am sure) but she is tied with Ech1. Other contenders still alive in the Bago subbracket include OrangeFoxes, Mark Da Shark, Daz, Jer, Nesfeder, and Tim. So it’s still prety wide open. This subbracket will be decided after the semifinals since all these people (and about a dozen more) chose Syracuse as their winner.

As always. a full scoreboard can be found here. Good luck to all.


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