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Posted by Josh on March 22, 2007

The team starts slow, not playing their best, but getting away with it for the most part because the opponents are not playing that spectacularly; a couple of rough spots, nothing dramatic, but also nothing particularly outstanding from the Orange in this early period; then things start to get worse and worse, the fans cringe and worry; then suddenly, at the ‘tipping point’ when any more poor play would mean all will be lost, the team turns things around, starts playing much better, and makes a run; they play to their potential and look outstanding for this late burst, which looks like it will be enough to get them over the hump, but in the end they fall just short of their goal.

QUIZ: The preceding paragraph describes:

(a)    The Clemson game

(b)    The entire season


5 Responses to “Microcosm”

  1. Matt said

    At least Josh Wright won’t be back nex…. oh, no.

  2. OrangeRay said

    There is indeed a certain symmetry to each game the Orange play compared to their season as a whole.

  3. Yep, I felt the same way.

  4. DutchHart said

    Recipe for Syracuse hoops over the past 2 years:
    1. Come out flat.
    2 Get down on yourselves and down middle of the first half.
    3. Make a solid push towards the half.
    4. Screw the pooch right before the half.
    5. Come out decent at the start of the second half.
    6. Mid way through, someone (read: GMac, DNic, Devo) decides to turn it on and carry the team.
    7. Heres where theres three options:
    A) Player from step 6 carries team to victory
    B) Player from 6 plays well but rest of the team is so god awful that game it doesn’t matter
    C) Team gels again, but has dug themselves a hole that they just barely can’t climb out of

    That about sum it up?

  5. bobbyk said

    Just looking at Roberts and Watkins, you’d think they could be much better than they seem to be. Both are long and athletic they can run and jump like a gazelle, but something seems to be missing. Roberts had that knee injury that probably effected him much more than has been let on and at least he led the team in rebounding. Watkins however has cost himself millions of dollars, he really should be able to dominate games(if I were his father I’d be really pissed).

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