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“Betta than any of them dudes”

Posted by Tim on March 20, 2007

Who reads Cuse Country? Tiki Mayben does. After Josh dissed the former SU recruit’s play in a post last month, Mr. Mayben left this comment this afternoon:

I’m betta than any of them dudes on dat team,,, the big east is fast and aggressive how I play ya dig,,, not slow fast-breaks wit teammates who r totally unprepared to catch the ball,,, Neva would I use excuses for how i play’d dis year but check da stats for my teammates when I was on da court compared to when any of SU’s guards was on da court and I bet we did way betta when i was on da court… U prolly don’t even play ball tryin to evaluate peoples games,,, stats dont alway’s tell u who won and who loss rather than who did good Individually, it’s a TEAM game…

Just for the record, here are Tiki’s stats at UMass this year: 2.9 points and 4.1 assists against 2.6 turnovers in 17.5 minutes per game.

Thanks for stopping by, Tiki!


6 Responses to ““Betta than any of them dudes””

  1. Jared said

    Whoa! Was that in english?

  2. ech1 said

    No, not really. Presumably, that’s why he didn’t qualify academically…

  3. DutchHart said

    Yeah, I think that post clears up a lot of questions as to why Tiki isn’t wearing Orange…

  4. syracusan said

    Shit guys, 4.1 assists per game as a freshman, in limited minutes. I ain’t saying nothing, but that’s better than Josh Wright has ever done in three years. Considering we’re ending this season with 5.5 legit players (OK, fine, maybe we’re back up to 6 at this point)…I personally would welcome a Tiki-Transfer back home.

  5. OrangeRay said

    I think a guy who shoots 36% from the free throw line, 15% from three point range, with 82 turnovers in only 544 minutes of playing time, is a guy who would have a tough time finding PT at Syracuse.

  6. TIKI said

    U people r really funny to me…LOL!!! Like on some real shit> who speakin upon dis situation has ever play’d ball on a competitive level otha than intramurals??? U can watch a game and write wat u see is happenin but unless u on da court play’n u would have no idea wat da fucc iz goin on… I make shit happen> just my presence alone, Wat da fucc has Josh Wright done??? Where iz Billy Edelin??? If Harris was not attending ya Skool do u really believe Flynn would b going there??? Fucc No. I got offered when I was a Freshmen in High School and gave my Verbal so please like I said da last time wat guard out there iz betta than ME???????? Ask Paul. Ask Andy. Matta of fact Ask BOEHEIM

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