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NIT Bracket Standings, Day 2

Posted by Josh on March 15, 2007

Tonight was a good night in the NIT if you like the taste of chalk. Only one lower-seeded team won (#6 SDSU over #3 Mo. St.) though there were close calls for Bradley and Kansas State. In the CCNITBC, some brackets have crumbled beyond repair, while others are in remarkably good shape. J-Cuse-Girl had another solid night (7/9 correct) to remain in first place with 13 points overall. Joining the leaderboard is OSUFan, who chose a whopping 8/9 and also has 13 points. However, OSUFan has the misfortune of having both his Semifinalists already eliminated, whereas all eight of J-Cuse-Girl’s predicted 2nd round winners are still alive. Two other players are in the same situation of having all of their remaining picks still alive after round 1: Voteprime (current score: 11) and taywaves (current score: 11). As always, a full scoreboard and links to the brackets can be found here.

Please note: Four of the second-round games take place over the next three days; the brackets will not be updated with the results of these games until after they are all concluded, probably sometime Sunday afternoon. The other four 2nd-round games are on Monday and there will be another update after that group of games.


4 Responses to “NIT Bracket Standings, Day 2”

  1. Jer said

    It looks as if my only hope now is for Syracuse to win the NIT Championship. If that happens, I am sure to catch up to others in the standings, right?

  2. DutchHart said

    Josh, you seem to be mistaken, the DutchHart squad still has the final four alive and well also, after a sweep of yesterday’s games.

  3. Josh said

    Oops, you’re right. That one slipped my notice. Good job …

  4. voteprime said

    I have to say, not having an NCAA bracket this year has already taken stress out of watching games. And we’re only half way into the first game! I want UMD to lose. But had I filled out a bracket, I likely would have had them going at least a round or two in.


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