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NIT Bracket Challenge Leaders

Posted by Josh on March 14, 2007

Leaders after Tuesday’s games are Cuse Got Hosed and J-Cuse-Girl with 6 points each (out of 7 possible). Many brackets imploded with the losses by Ok. St. and Drexel. My guess is that both of those teams, having beat SU once already, decided they were too scared to face them again. Go here for complete score listings and other information.


3 Responses to “NIT Bracket Challenge Leaders”

  1. Dave said

    I believe I was the only one to call the Marist win!! Go Foxes win another one for me!

  2. DutchHart said

    Well, I guess that shows us how far Ok St has fallen since our loss to them… at least Drexel lost to NC State

  3. J Cuse Girl said

    JCuse in the lead. wooo hooo. This (cuse) game was looking scary for a minute…. phew! goooooooo Cuse!!!!!

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