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On the rebound

Posted by Daz on March 13, 2007

In my own desperate search for a silver lining, I’m coming around to the position that going far in the NIT will be more fun, though not better for recruiting and posterity, than an early NCAA tournament loss. (But that doesn’t let you off the hook, Selection Committee. I better not see you around.)

Winning the NIT would be like getting dumped, but finding a rebound girlfriend right away. Sure, she’s not as attractive and successful as your ex, but at least you have someone. And you can tell yourself that your ex regrets her rash judgment about your potential prospects.

Now we just have to actually play well and go all the way with our new chick, because getting dumped by the NIT after one or two dates would be embarrassing.

Obviously, to do well in the NIT, the team is going to have to want it. Nothing gets me fired up like listening to Boeheim defend his team. For the best model on how to do it, check out this clip of Jimmy dropping the F-bomb while getting Gerry’s back last season:

Now, watch him after Bloody Selection Sunday, see a difference?

Not too encouraging.

But if this team can play like they have something to prove — which they do, and which tends to be when SU teams play best — the NIT is going to be fun to watch. I can see Devo and The Hustle Harris having their way with NIT-caliber teams, not that i know very much about most of them. But, those two guys got blocked and swatted a lot this season going up against big guys inside, so if our NIT opponents are smaller or slower, as you might expect them to be, then I’m optimistic.


3 Responses to “On the rebound”

  1. Michael said

    Advance the first clip to 0:46 left to play…

    My response: Not anymore Jimmy – new bullshit abounds!

    It would be cool though, if we were able to win the NIT. This is something that SU has never accomplished.


  2. Tim said

    If we win the NIT, I’m going to start referring to us as the National (Invation Tournament) Champions.

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