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NIT Bracket Contest

Posted by Josh on March 12, 2007

A number of the Cuse Country contributors are too disgruntled to participate in NCAA Tournament pools — but we don’t want to completely miss out on the March Madness experience. So we are pleased to announce the Official Cuse Country NIT Bracket Challenge. The contest is open to anyone, but especially fans of teams that were left out of the NCAAs this year. It is free to enter (so this is NOT gambling, please take note, thou online overlords) and there will be some fabulous prizes of some sort at the end.

How it works: The game is just like the familiar NCAA bracket games. All you have to do is:

  1. download a copy of our Cuse Country NIT Challenge Bracket (in MS Word Format)
  2. fill it out (by typing in the team names)
  3. type your email address at the top of the bracket
  4. email the completed bracket as an attachment to cusecountry (at)

Entries may be submitted anytime before 6PM EDT on Tuesday March 13, which is when the first game tips off. Please note that your entry must have your email address included if you want to receive a prize. (We won’t sell it to anyone — we don’t even know how.) You should also include a “nickname” under which your point totals can be posted on the internets — we don’t want to broadcast your email address to the world. The nickname can be anything you want, it need not identify you. Again, the contest is open to anyone who wishes to join; however, you must be able to use MS Word or some equivalent that can open and save files in .doc format.

Scoring: The brackets will be scored as follows: 1 point for a correct first-round game, 2 points for a second round game, 4 points for the third, 8 points for each semifinal game and 16 points for correctly choosing the winner. Updated point totals will be posted after each day’s NIT results are in. Hopefully we’ll come up with some nifty way of showing you online exactly how you are doing, but you’ll want to keep a copy of your bracket anyway.

Prizes: First place will definitely receive something; depending on how many people participate, there very well could be 2nd and 3rd place prizes too.What the prizes are, well, we haven’t figured that out yet. But they’ll be sweet. And anyway, the contest is free, so what do you care?

Legal Disclaimer: This is all just for fun, so if someone comes after us and waves “cease and desist” letters at us, we’re going to shut it down. Hopefully not enough people care about the NIT for that to happen.

Let the games begin! Good luck bracketeers!


13 Responses to “NIT Bracket Contest”

  1. Howie said

    Great post. In the final analysis, it probably was the committee not wanting to take seven from the Big East. Syracuse had the resume though. 22 wins, 10 conference wins. Make you wonder.

    Here’s my thoughts on Syracuse’s snub.

  2. Michael said

    Sorry fellas, I can’t bring myself to accept this consolation prize. It’s like popping a cool tube of Guinness and finding The Beast inside…

    I for one shall not be participating.


  3. voteprime said

    I’m confused. This year there is another tournament besides the NIT? I’ll be sending you my bracket shortly.

  4. Josh said

    Come on, Mike. There was a time in your life when you guzzled Beast like it was your job.

    Drink the Beast Mike! DRINK IT!!

    (with crackers)

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  6. Dave said

    Great idea, fellas. I was toying with a similar idea for my site but reoccurring spells of depression kept me from it.

  7. Dave said

    hm shit, guess I’m a year too late

  8. T said


  9. T said

    i pick OHIO STATE 2 WIN IT ALL

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