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NIT Bracket

Posted by Tom on March 11, 2007

So how exactly does being the biggest NCAA snub land us an NIT 2 seed? I’ve never heard of a school called South Alabama, but apparently we’re playing them in the first round. Do you think anyone watching the live NIT selection show was sweating it out waiting as we were the 31st team out of 32 announced?

I can’t decide which is more childish: Insisting that we’re too good for the NIT and pretending it isn’t happening, or getting really into the NIT, participating only in NIT pick ’em pools, and pretending the NCAA tournament isn’t happening. I’m absolutely going one of these routes.



3 Responses to “NIT Bracket”

  1. Josh said

    I’m going with the second choice. No NCAA pools for me — in fact I’m going to boycott AT&T, State Farm, Pontiac, and whoever else I see associated with the tournament, and I am going to stop watching CBS altogether until the NFL season.

    Meanwhile, I hope the fans in Syracuse come out to support the team in the first round Tuesday night. Wouldn’t it be something to get 20,000 people in the Dome as a show of support for the team? Past NIT games in Syracuse have drawn under 10,000, but that was when people were deeply disappointed by the team’s season. Hopefully this year, the local fan base realizes that the team got hosed, it’s not their fault that they didn’t get in, and they still deserve our vocal support.

  2. Jer said

    The NIT is on thin ice with me after dropping a #2 seed on us, declaring that we are, at best, the 5th best team in the NIT below the likes of West Virginia and co. Ha! Ha, I say. Josh is right (get it, Josh right…Josh Wright, anyway), Josh is right that just because the NCAA blows hard and the NIT is questionable at best, we still do need to support our team, especially the seniors who have been leaving their hearts and their knees on the floor down the stretch. I don’t think I can make it up to Syracuse, but it should be noted that when the ‘Cuse goes deep into the NIT’s, they’ll be coming to NYC. Knowing that NYC is Cuse Country, I predict a dramatic grudge match win over Drexel in the finals at MSG. I guess I shouldn’t be broadcasting my Official Cuse Country NIT Bracket Challenge picks to the nation, but I’m just that confident.

  3. […] in our own special way. We ran our own NIT bracket challenges in 2007 and 2008. The first one was out of spite, as we (along with the rest of the thinking world) felt the sting of being snubbed off the bubble, […]

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