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A Travesty of Justice

Posted by Jer on March 11, 2007

I might not even fill out a bracket this year.  The results of ‘the selection show’ were so shocking, I’m having to restrain myself from hurling heavy objects at the television and from gouging my eyes out with the plastic spoon that was delivered moments ago with an order of egg drop soup.  This is the only snub I can remember where every basketball pundit had a team as a lock and then the selection committee decided to bounce them altogether.  I’m too angry to do any serious analysis of this situation at the moment, but I’m sure when I’ve had a chance to consider the facts, there is no way any serious analysis can be done, because the selection committee has proven themselves to be a laughingstock.

Maybe they were just jealous of our new uniforms?


6 Responses to “A Travesty of Justice”

  1. Josh said

    Boeheim supposedly had a press conference within the last hour… I don’t know what he said but my vote is that they skip the NIT. When you have 3 senior starters there is little use in playing it for the experience. Plus NIT games at the Dome are (historically) depressing because only a few people come out to see them. It’s like a women’s game in there.

    I feel particularly bad for Nichols because he’ll be deprived of the national stage and a chance to improve his NBA stock.

  2. bobyk said

    This was an outrage. Stanford got in? at 18-12? ridiculous. I heard the guy on FSR talk about the “selection committee” it was filled with west coast Mid-Major AD’s and southern bubba’s, they certainly took care of their own…

  3. Marco said

    Wow, I’m still shocked

  4. bobyk said

    OH, and what Josh wrote…

  5. T said

    How about the fact that we had four conference road wins, only played the bottom four teams in the Big East a combined three times and also were the only team who has beaten Georgetown in their last sixteen games?!? If Syracuse’s resume was not enough to put them in, I don’t know whose is.

    To watch Gary Walters, the NCAA Selection Committee Chairman hem and haw about there being a lot of great teams, gave me a legitimate purpose to drive to Indianapolis tonight and end him.

    All this brouhaha about Syracuse not playing a non-conference road game and not beating anyone out of conference is a red herring. The Selection Committee always asserts an emphasis will be placed on how you have played down the stretch of the season, namely the last ten games. This is the philosphy that puts an Arkansas team who went 7-9 in the weak SEC division into the tournament because they maid the SEC Championship finals (only to get blown away by Florida). It is entirely inconsistent to apply this approach to a team like Arkansas or Stanford (4-6 in last 10 games, including a first round Pac10 tourney loss to USC) and not to Syracuse, who won a game in their conference tournament and performed well down the stretch.

    In sum, Boeheim was correct in his press conference. Whenever Syracuse leaves the decision on whether or not they will make the tournament up to the Selection Committee, they always end up on the losing side.

    Good luck getting this dejected team excited for an NIT matchup against perennial powerhouse South Alabama.

  6. Dave said

    Don’t totally disagree with the committee…I just don’t know how Arkansas is in. Everything else I can deal with. I had Stanford just out so that is fine with me but Arkansas? And then if they left Arkansas out you know they were going to put Drexel in…Which I don’t have a problem with either. Just too many teams gunning for the last spots. But still, Syracuse, Drexel, Illinois, Purdue, Stanford, and Arkansas. You can’t tell me that Syracuse isn’t one of the 4 best out of that group!

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