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Product Placement

Posted by Jer on March 8, 2007

The information that I am about to provide is based solely on this poster’s humble opinion and has not been paid for in any way by the businesses promoted herewith.

If you happen to be a New York City resident or are just in town for the BE tournament, I highly recommend a post-game stop at Steve & Barry’s at the Manhattan Mall. The store is just a block away from Madison Square Garden on 33rd Street. Based on Daz’s advice, Tom and I went there after yesterday’s game fired up to get some new SU gear after the big win (and to see if we could scope any ‘System of Dress‘ apparel). The new unis were not on display, but a visit to Steve & Barry’s will not disappoint. They have a ton of SU gear at amazing prices. I picked up a bright orange ‘Syracuse’ t-shirt for only $7.98 and was eyeing a medium-weight jacket that would have gone for $60 plus at Manny’s for only $14.98. The visit was worth it just to hear a store manager bark to her underlining ‘I want these Syracuse end caps looking perfect for tomorrow. Do you hear me, perfect!!” Both Steve and Barry apparently know which team’s fans are going to show up at the Garden this week.

While we had the fortune of snagging some reasonably priced tickets for yesterday’s U-Conn win on craigslist, we were shut out of today’s Notre Dame matchup. If you are in the New York City area and are having a similar problem, might I suggest a visit to Town Tavern in Greenwich Village? Owned by a couple of Syracuse grads, this is the official bar of the SU alumni association in NYC. The tablecloths are all orange and blue and make sure to ask for the special Syracuse menu where you can find delicacies such as the ‘Carrier Dome Platter’ or the ‘Basket of 4 Mini Otto Burgers’. The only complaint that I have is naming the chicken salad after Gerry McNamara. If there’s one thing that G-Mac ain’t, it’s a chicken.


3 Responses to “Product Placement”

  1. DutchHart said

    Nice shameless plugs… continuing those plugs: anyone in CNY, there is a Steve & Barry’s in Utica at the Riverside Center, and at the Colonie Center in Colonie as well, with the same amazing prices…

  2. Daz said

    Plus, while you’re there you can drop ten or fifteen bucks for a pair of Starbury’s. And if they fall apart, as mine are starting to, you can buy another pair and still have money for a Dome Dog and an over-sized SU sweatshirt.

    The Starbury high-tops come in orange and blue — what the store clerk described as Knicks’ colors, until I corrected him, explaining that more importantly they are Syracuse colors.


  3. Great blog I have some one in mind that would be interested. Thank you.

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