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Sympathy For The Devil

Posted by Tom on March 7, 2007

Heading home on the subway after witnessing this afternoon’s rollicking first round Big East Tournament win against UConn, as the excitement and satisfaction of legitimately being on the inside of the big dance bubble settled to contentment, I was left with a completely unexpected feeling: pity.

Unlike Mrs. Tom, I’m not the kind of person who usually feels sorry for sports losers – in fact, my enjoyment of victories is usually magnified when it comes at the disappointment of bitter rivals. And until now I wouldn’t have thought that I had even a thread of heartstring to spare for the woes of the UConn basketball team. But there it was: a fly in my bowl of satisfaction.

This victory was like seeing the popular jerk from high school mopping out the bathrooms at Taco Bell 10 years later. Even though I spent many nights wishing for them to suffer fates worse than death, I didn’t think it would come to this. I mean jeez, I didn’t mean I wanted them to be passed over for the NIT.


On a different note, I was pleasantly unhorrified with our new uniforms. The tops weren’t as tight and the shorts weren’t as long as indicated in the picture. The new fit, overall whiteness of the home versions, and the silver accents (numbers, strips on the shoulders) made them look kind of like a basketball team from the future. If you showed me these uniforms as a kid in 1987 and told me this is what the Syracuse basketball team would be wearing in 2007, it would have sounded about right since this is exactly what players should be wearing in the future while using jetpacks to rocket up to the 20 foot rims for monster dunks. To complete the look, Juli Boeheim should start dressing like this.

The overall effect of these uniforms on this game was to make it look like a team from the year 2050 playing a team from 1995, since UConn is a school perpetually stuck in the mid 90’s aesthetic. Exhibit A in this case is their main commercial, shown on tv during their games, on the jumbotron at MSG during halftime, etc:

Wow. This was really the best the University of Connecticut could do? This had to have been produced in an intro UConn video class 12 years ago using the COOLEST guy from the local open mic coffeehouse scene as the talent. This guy has his hair done in the decidedly mid 90’s middle-part butt cutt style, and looks like he just starred in a fruit roll-up commercial shot to air during Darkwing Duck on the Disney Afternoon. Great pick. You got it, buddy.

Their uniforms serve as exhibit B. The men have this thin sans serif with the red outline, and I’m pretty sure these are the current women’s unis. It seems that they’re single-handedly keeping the regrettable italicized sans serif uniform trend from sure extinction.

Seriously UConn, take a good look in the mirror and pull yourself together.


4 Responses to “Sympathy For The Devil”

  1. syracusan said

    Font-based insults! Way to ratchet up the intensity of the rivalry. That one’s gotta sting.

  2. Josh said

    Sympathy?!?? Screw that. Strike first strike hard no mercy!!

  3. T-Man said

    Yes, UConn easily has the worst college ad on television. But I guess the university found that dork a perfect representative of the UConn student body.

    Was that a Crash Test Dummies tune he was trying to play? Fits with the whole 90’s thing afer all.

  4. The Pride of CT said

    I believe I speak for most UConn fans when I humbly state that:

    1) We despise SU athletics.

    2) We hate the pompous, “we’re the class of the league and you’re not” facade your fanbase put on, even though UConn’s been driving the bus around here for the past decade. You guys got to yank the steering wheel this year…big deal. Now go sit back down before we backhand-slap you again.

    3) We’ve won a ton of NCAA tourney games and 2 NC’s in our uni’s. How many have you guys managed to win in your new duds?

    4 The “Great Pick” ad? It absolutely SUCKS! We are in total agreement there (eww!). Word on the street is that the dreaded Guitar Guy caught so much heat in Storrs for doing that ad he packed up and transferred to Rutgers this year. Thankfully, a new, student-produced replacement ad is in the works. If only a new, student-produced replacement attitude in central NY would happen as well…

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