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OK, now I’m prepared to comment on the uniforms

Posted by syracusan on March 7, 2007

B-Ballin’ to the Euro-beat. That’s what it looked like out there: like Berlin hoops aficionados circa 1984 (had they existed). But not in a bad way. The new “System of Dress” looked smooth, and even a bit cutting edge, which I’m sure is what Nike was going for. For the moment, I give them a tentative thumbs up. Devo actually looked bigger in the skin tight jerseys–which thankfully weren’t quite as skin tight as advertised–and Homebrew Drew didn’t look nearly as scrawny as I feared. It shows off how jacked these guys really are; even if some of them look less impressive in relation to one another, each of them sure as shit is in better shape than the average person.

I didn’t like the lack of orange. I also don’t buy the argument that “defenders won’t be able to grab your jersey anymore.” As far as I’m concerned, that means we’re losing out on the chance to draw 1-2 extra cheap fouls per game. The image of a pulled-taut jersey in an opponent’s hand is sure to draw a whistle.

On the other hand, we looked quick – like it was a downhill ski meet out there. And there’s a potential future benefit if recruits watching on TV get the impression that SU is a cutting edge place to play ball. It’s good to maintain an interest in your image, especially if you can come out on the right side of the ever-unpredictable hipness judgement. People like Pearl, DC, and Carmelo have kept SU’s rep on the street afloat with their overwhelming cred, but it couldn’t hurt to look young and on top of the trends as well.

Like I said, a tentative thumbs up. I invite the rest of the Cuse Country staff and our readers to chime in with a thumbs up/thumbs down in the comment box, if you’re interested.


Apparently there was some sort of basketball game as well, which we won, which is nice. Honestly, I can’t believe we’ve beaten UConn in the Tourney 3 years in a row now. If we keep this up, I may have to lose my defensiveness about how Syracuse is always the 2nd team everyone associates with the Big East. Beast of the East indeed.

Oh yeah, and Devil Gottlieb just picked Syracuse to beat Notre Dame tomorrow.


8 Responses to “OK, now I’m prepared to comment on the uniforms”

  1. You think it was some kind of reverse jinx on Gottlieb’s part?

  2. Jer said

    One of my major worries about the new uniforms was introducing an unknown element at a key moment in our season. But now superstition has been reversed and I will point out that we are undefeated under the ‘System of Dress’. I hope the players slept in their jerseys last night or we might be in trouble today.

    I think the uniforms look fine stylistically. I agree that there’s not enough orange (or blue). While orange and blue and not the trendiest of colors, they are the colors of SU and fans wear those colors proudly, fashion be damned. Making the uniforms completely white and adding silver takes away some of the character of the Syracuse style. At least we will presumably get to see the Cuse in all orange today vs. Notre Dame. Speaking of Notre Dame, are the Fighting Irish not allowed to use their mascot in the NCAA’s this year because of racial stereotyping?

  3. Josh said

    My main problem with the new outfits is that they should say “Syracuse” instead of “Orange”. If you think about it, almost every college uniform has the school name, not the team name. You would never expect the Ohio St jersey to say “Buckeyes” in bold letters across the front. (Though maybe it does.)

    Not only does it not say Syracuse across the chest, one doesn’t see the word Syracuse **anywhere on the jersey**! That’s lame. The cut of the garments is fine in my opinion, and the color scheme is OK overall though I’m not so into the silver numbers. But it’s *terrible* that they don’t say Syracuse anywhere.

  4. The biggest mistake Nike made was showing us the unis with the undergarment. Without that undershirt, it looks MUCH better…

  5. Daz said

    Now are we going to have to see SU fans walking around in tight-fitting shirts and baggy shorts when they want to support their team? Excellent.

  6. You know what this means…next time you’re on Marshall Street…instead of the Varsity, we’re stopping at Pita Pit

    (I hope Pita Pit is still there so my reference works…)

  7. Josh said

    The orange ones from Thursday were not particularly easy on the eyes though……

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