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More fun with numbers

Posted by andrewgp on March 7, 2007

By request, here’s an extension of our earlier post that showed each player’s plus / minus value over the course of the season. This table shows how each player’s plus / minus rating is affected by their time on the court — it’s their Plus/Minus per minute on the court. Shows some really interesting trends, like Andy Rautins being the second most efficient player, and Paul Harris absolutely collapsing in real value over the course of the season. Gorman shows up as the most effective player throughout the season, but he has a negative value in the last 5 games.

Player Plus/Minus Plus/Minus per minute FIRST 5 GAMES LAST 5 GAMES
ROBERTS, Terrence +198 +0.31 +0.46 +0.39
NICHOLS, Demetris +217 +0.26 +0.59 +0.28
WATKINS, Darryl +116 +0.17 +0.52 +0.19
HARRIS, Paul +116 +0.23 +0.68 +0.05
WRIGHT, Josh +80 +0.13 +0.23 0.00
THOMAS, Justin -3 -3.00
RAUTINS, Andy +171 +0.34 +0.50 +0.38
BURACH, Todd -9 -4.50 -6.00
DEVENDORF, Eric +116 +0.16 +0.49 +0.18
GORMAN, Matt +83 +0.40 +0.55 -0.08
BRENNAN-McBride 0 0.00 0.00
PRESUTTI, Jake -3 -1.50
DiLIEGRO, Ross -3 -1.50 -3.00
TEAM MARGIN +215 0.19 0.50 0.21

If you missed it, here’s the game-by-game stats for each player.


One Response to “More fun with numbers”

  1. Tom said

    Todd Burach is absolutely bleeding points out there!
    I’m confounded by the Harris nosedive. I don’t feel like he’s been as bad as this in the second half of the season. He plays lockdown d, and has always rebounded at a higher rate than anyone. Sure he gets his shots blocked inside constantly, but it doesn’t seem like he’s been that bad overall.

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