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The Next Generation (Pro Update 3-1)

Posted by Josh on March 1, 2007

With so much current SU action, it’s been hard to find time to check in on the grownups. So get ready to dive in.

(HEY guess what! Europe news below has been updated with two new items since the original post.)

Grown-ups, indeed. Carmelo Anthony is going to be a daddy! His fiancee La La Vasquez is expecting to give birth in about a week. Melo has celebrated by leading the Nuggets to consecutive wins for the first time since Feb 10-12. Over the last week Baby Daddy scored 36, 34, 33, and 23 points (chronologically). The Nuggets lost those first two games (to the Jazz and Mavs) but won the latter two (against the Grizz and Magic). Carmelo also has been grabbing about 6 rebounds per game. Most importantly, with the exception of last night’s Orlando game, his shooting percentages in the other three games was back above 50% (and as high as 67%). These are his first games above 50% since he returned from suspension in mid-January. And he is still leading the Association in scoring.

My kid was up crying all night, I am EXHAUSTED!!

Hakim Warrick’s role in Memphis has continued to stabilize. With the exception of a game against Seattle on Feb 20, in whcih he was limited by foul trouble, he’s played at least 20 minutes in every game since Feb 7, and scored double-digits in eveery one of those games. This past week he had 13, 20, 15, and 15 as the Grizz went 1-3. His 20-point game was their only win; he was 5-10 from the floor and 10-10 from the line, also grabbed 7 rebounds, and most importantly was on the floor in crunch time, hitting two free throws with 18 seconds left — and they ended up winning by one point.

Return of the Twizzler Arms

Etan Thomas is not getting much time these days; this past week his PT hovered between 8 and 15 minutes, and he scored no more than 3 points in any of the five games. He did have 3 blocks and 6 rebounds in 15 minutes last Sunday, but that’s about it. On the other hand, Jason Hart’s playing time has increased, in that he actually got into a game last week! He played nearly 2 minutes against the Pacers on Sunday, tallying one assist and one turnover.


Gerry McNamara’s minutes increased a bit in the past week, now that he is recovered from his flu bug or whatever it was. He still isn’t scoring a ton since Mateen Cleaves came to town, but he has been dishing the ball. His best game last week was 11 points and 10 assists. In fact, in the month of February his lowest assist total for a single game was 5,in the final game of the month. His team has now won 5 in a row since Cleaves showed up, doubling their win total from the previous 27 games. So you can’t blame Jim Harrick for getting Gerry to shoot less.

Damone Brown continues his steady play for the SkyForce, contributing 9 & 9 last Sunday, followed by 16 & 6 with 3 blocks on Monday as Sioux Falls split a pair with the Flyers (not Philadelphia).


Preston Shumpert’s Benetton team routed Moscow by 19 points in their 2nd game in the pod stage of the Euroleague playoffs. Preston did not start but played 31 minutes and led his team with 15 points, including 3-3 from long range, and also grabbed 6 rebounds. This game story has a lil bit o love for Preston. It was important for them to win by a large margin because overall scoring difference is one of the tiebreakers in this competition. They are now 1-1 in the 4-team pod. I misreported in the last update though — they play each team in their pod twice before the single-elimination rounds begin. Meanwhile, they also won their Italian League regular season game last weekend, with Preston chipping in 6 punti and 6 rimbalzi in 20 minutes.

update: Preston scored 9 in 15 minutes as Benetton won their Euroleague game today by one point to go to 2-1 in their group. The team they beat has Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf on it.

Otis Hill led his team with 24 points, and also added 5 rebounds to lead Anwil to another Polish League win on Sunday. Elvir’s team won their Belgian game handily over the weekend, though he had just 4 points and 7 boards.

update: Get ready for this: Ethan Cole has signed to play for Rastatt in Germany’s Jungeliga, which looks like it is the second-level league in Germany (the best players are in the Bundesliga). There are but 9 games remaining in the regular season, the next one is this weekend. The Pioneers are in 14th place (out of 16 teams) so it looks like Cole will just get these 9 games and then be off to look for work again. Unless he kicks butt, maybe he can stick around for next season. I scanned the league leaders for familar names and found… none that I recognized.


Ryan Blackwell had just 8 points and 6 rebounds on Saturday, though his team won the game. He did not play at all in Sunday’s game. I will try to track down more information (though without the ability to read Japanese, that will be tough).

New Zealand

The NZ hoops season begins a week from today. There is some sort of preseason mini-tournament thing this weekend. We’ll let you know.


Buffalo won two games over the weekend, vs. Vermont and Detroit. This official team release credits Kueth Duany with 15 points and 9 rebounds in the Vermont game and calls him “ever-consistent”; that sounds about right. He then had 21 points against Detroit. Go Q. Buffalo is scrambling to get in the playoffs, and they just might make it.

Rochester crushed Maryland (and their 7′-9″ ticket-sales-gimmick from China) a week ago, as they tune up for the playoffs themselves. (They have clinched a spot I believe.) No word on Z Sims’ numbers in this game but with the ABA landing in Syracuse next year, there is much talk that Sims is a prime candidate to be the first head coach of the “Bullies”. He has served as assistant coach-slash-point guard the past two years in Rochester; Rochester is one of the most successful ABA franchises (from a business perspective); the founder of the Syracuse Bullies is himself from Rochester and is probably modeling his approach on theirs, at least he must be familiar with the team; Sims is not only an SU alum but a native of Syracuse (Henninger High School) and somewhat of a “favorite son” among area basketball fans. I’d say it’s pretty likely, if Z wants the job, that he can have it. Though a better move might be for him to start out in the same role he has in Rochester, player-coach, so that there is a drawing card for the fans in terms of on-court action.

By the way — I’m calling it here first: Watertown’s own Matt Gorman will be on the Bullies next fall.


5 Responses to “The Next Generation (Pro Update 3-1)”

  1. DutchHart said

    So this means we can look forward to little Melo donning Orange in about 18 years, right Josh?

  2. Josh said

    He darn well better. Take a lesson from the Rautinses. The question is, will Boeheim still be coaching the team then?

  3. russ said

    boeheim will be out. he’ll be coached by the hopkins, murphey and g-mac staff. tell me that wouldn’t be a fun combo to play for

  4. Jer said

    It would seem that J-Hart’s one assist did not win him any additional playing time, but instead got him released by the Kings. According to the Sacramento Bee, this clears the way for him to head down to SoCal and suit up for the Clippers. It doesn’t sound like he had a great time in the Governator‘s back yard, so this can only be a positive move for him.

  5. […] by Josh on March 6th, 2007 As first reported here in a comment by Jer, Jason Hart was released by the Kings last week. Actually it looks like he bought out his own […]

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