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Live from the so-called “Loud House”

Posted by Tim on February 28, 2007

Yesterday, we brought you some of the highlights of student reaction in the blogosphere to Syracuse’s big win over Georgetown. Today, we link to the indomitable Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician, where you can check out the video of the court being rushed. Viva YouTube!

Meanwhile, Matt at Orange44 does not approve of all this court-rushing business. I guess I don’t mind; you can’t really blame the kids for getting excited about the only big win all year. But I do agree with the theory. You really only want to see the court rushed when it’s really warranted. Otherwise the students would be rushing to the football field after every win over Buffalo, and we obviously can’t have that.


7 Responses to “Live from the so-called “Loud House””

  1. voteprime said

    Otherwise the students would be rushing to the football field after every win over Buffalo, and we obviously can’t have that.

    Well, when they know it’s going to be the only big win all year…

  2. We can pretend its the Bills.

  3. Josh said

    Rushing the court is lame unless it is spontaneous. These days people plan their court rushes far in advance, for instance see the SU hoops message board conversations in the days leading up to the GTown game. Dull. Wins on last-second shots are one thing — when you get overcome with sudden jubilance. And I think the opponent and the stakes would have been worthy of a rush had it been a close game at the end. But I agree with Orange44 that because the outcome was pretty much settled for ten minutes of realtime before the final buzzer, the court rush was forced (rather than a manifestation of a sudden overflowing of euphoria) and therefore lame. I’m talking Night-Court-in-its-4th-season lame.

    That said, I felt happy for the players, especially the seniors who were soaking up the atmosphere on that court in their final game. I don’t begrudge them that experience one bit.

  4. But that’s the give and take. We scold the students for doing a pre-arranged court storming in a game that didn’t warrant it, yet we appreciate the excitement it showed and how it must’ve made the players feel.

    We can’t have it both ways.

    I get it when there’s a manifesto saying these are the rules of court storming and I think if it happened less often than it does, that would be better. But as far as Cuse goes, as long as we’re not storming the court more than once a season, I don’t see the harm. Like you said, its certainly a great boost for our players (and lets hope there were some recruits in the building for that game to see that).

    If anything, its a sign that the program can be better than it is. I think the bitterness with us storming the court comes from the fact that we all believe Syracuse is “better than that” and maybe that’s justified. I think we’d all like the team to be so good that huge wins over are rivals are expected and therefore don’t bring out the “holy crap we won!” emotions.

    Then again, #1 Ohio State’s fans stormed the court after beating Wisconsin…

  5. Tom said

    The key factor in the whole court storming phenomenon is that roughly 40% of those kids in the student section are freshman who have never stormed a court, but have grown up seeing courts stormed on TV and imagining that one day they will also go to college and storm courts. They cannot wait to do this, see it on Sportscenter, and tell their friends at other schools that they were there.

    50% of the reason these kids came to Syracuse was probably so they could celebrate big basketball wins, they’ve been waiting all season, and knowing this was their last chance, there was no way the court was going unstormed. We fat reporters would have held that in reserve for a win over the #1 team or something, but the fresh student enthusiasm is a double edged sword. If it means having a rowdy 2,000 students behind the hoop in exchange for a questionable storming here and there, I’ll take it.

  6. Tim said

    Oh yeah, I forgot that we fat reporters will never understand what it’s like to storm a court.

  7. syracusan said

    I love this quote from Boeheim about rushing the court. It’s like he’s trying to be grumpy about it, but he’s in too good a mood to pull it off:

    “I don’t know why people do that,” he said. “Well, you know, they earned it. They liked it. That’s fine.”

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