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“Utterly crushed.”

Posted by Tim on February 27, 2007

Here’s some of what we’re reading in the afterglow of last night’s gigantic victory over the Hoyas:

  • Check out the Washington Post and Washington Times game stories. Money quote from JTIII: “We picked the wrong night to have maybe our worst day of the year.” Damn skippy!

  • G’Town fans are crying. offers an excellent rundown of the game, which, interestingly, is written in a way that kind of makes it hard to tell which team was more responsible for the Hoyas’ defeat. You could look at this as a natural reaction — when you lose, you blame your team for not being good enough. I choose to interpret it as an existential denial of Syracuse basketball. You can decide for yourself.

  • Dick Vitale thinks Georgetown is the best college hoops team in the MD-DC-VA area. Pretty sure this was before yesterday’s game. Doh!

On a separate note, you gotta love the exuberance of youth. I’m pretty sure this is the best of Syracuse student reaction from the wide world of the Web:

  • Exhibit 1: “…about six inches below my nose hung a throbbing, palpable funk, the hot, wet, sticky stench of sweat, beer and Dome Dogs, my own personal trip into Drew Carey’s hamper. It assaulted my senses; it was vile and it was shocking. It was the smell of victory.

  • Exhibit 2: “Paul Harris is from Niagara Falls. He’s my facebook friend! We see him in Schine all the time. He makes me happy. Sometimes Eric Devendorf is in Schine too when we’re eating brunch. I saw him in Kimmel. He and I go waaaaaay back. yo. I saw Arinze Onuwaku in Kimmel once! WHAT A GREAT DAY IN MY LIFE. I love Arinze Onuwaku. I’m naming my first born child after him. Devin Brennen-McBride walked into Augies today and we didn’t know what to do and we all panicked and just as he was leaving I smiled and gave him the double thumbs up and he laughed and everyone at my table started laughing. We’re best friends. I friended him on facebook. I’ll be crushed if he says no after a lovefest like that. Utterly crushed.”

  • Exhibit 3: “Then the buzzer rang – and we ran.”


2 Responses to ““Utterly crushed.””

  1. Josh said

    The second blog entry on there is fantastic. Especially the part about Roberts. You should Read It.

  2. […] by Tim on February 28th, 2007 Yesterday, we brought you some of the highlights of student reaction in the blogosphere to Syracuse’s big win over Georgetown. Today, we link to the indomitable Troy Nunes Is An […]

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