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Josh Wright will transfer

Posted by Tom on February 24, 2007

Wow, a really satisfying win. Rautins is really coming into his own – beyond the shooting he’s creating 2-3 turnovers on the defensive end every game. “The Hustle” Harris seems to be finding his role well as a point-forward – as my brother pointed out he’s really pretty good at running the offense. Also, we’re really going to rely heavily on him if‘s second half absence was due to this knee injury that had him limping 20 seconds into this game. Not good. Watkins has been solid lately except for his continued lack of a consistent hustle on the rebounding end, Devendorf is still a frustrating turnover machine, but overall these guys are starting to click.

Random gripe: Have we ever effectively run the clock out at the end of the first half this season? A situation where there’s more time on the shot clock than the game and we can hold for the last shot. I’ve easily seen five times where Devendorf charges in on a crazy drive with 15 seconds left, turns it over, and the other team scores to end the half. WAIT IT OUT, BOYS! Infuriating.

Random prediction: Josh Wright will pull a McCroskey and transfer this postseason. My totally unsubstantiated impression is that he’s not extremely well liked on the team, he’s lost his starting spot, and he was nowhere to be found in the second half of this game. Remember how he and DeShawn Wright were MIA in their freshman year NCAA tournament trip (Vermont game)? The rumor was that these guys were upset about their playing time and the issue boiled over in some way. Now DeShawn is long gone, and I predict Josh Wright will follow now that he may be falling out of Boeheim’s favor. By the way, disregard all of this if it turns out he had the flu today or something.


12 Responses to “Josh Wright will transfer”

  1. bob said

    Mike waters said that wright was sick all week…

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  3. syracusan said

    I think Josh might still bail, regardless of the excuse today that he was sick. We’ll have to see what happens with his minutes for the rest of the year. I predict they continue to go down. Given that, what reason does he have to stick around? If he can’t get PT at the point position as a junior with no other pure PG on the roster, what’s going to happen next year when Flynn is around and Devo/Rautins/Harris are still here? Not to mention a 2nd guard like Jardine? J-Wright’s prospects are starting to look grim. The only things that might keep him around are his competitiveness or his arrogance in thinking he’s still the best option, and his desire to prove it. Also, after 3 years he might just not want to bother moving his life somewhere else. But frankly, he should.

  4. Josh said

    Against the Syracusan’s point: Someone pointed out on this board a few weeks back that Josh Wright was himself a “monster recruit” out of high school — one of the top ten point guards that year, a top-50 player overall. Flynn is rated somewhat higher (top-5 PG, top-25 player) but it’s foolish to think that he can come in and supplant a senior, even one who has underperformed as much as JW. Freshmen are generally inconsistent — freshman PGs doubly so. Harris will be playing mainly in the frontcourt next season so that’s not a consideration. Josh will still be a primary contributor next year, probably still a starter if he doesn’t bolt. That said, I think he’s probably very unhappy at this point (I thought I saw him nearly in tears after getting yanked early in the UConn game) and JB clearly has no more patience for his poor play. I would not be shocked if he does decide to move on. But I don’t think he “should”. His best bet would be to get his head back on straight and show some senor leadership.

  5. syracusan said

    Harris fits into the J-Wright situation, even for next year. If Paul continues to show he can run the offense from the SF position, that lessens the need for a true PG. If Harris can be a Scottie Pippen/Anthony Mason true point-forward, then Jimmy can go with two scoring guards in the front court and feel OK about it. That’s what Rautins and Devo are, and so far it’s worked well having them out there together, as long as Harris is helping to distribute and bring the ball up the court. Technically Devo is a PG too, but we all know he wants to score first, and usually when he thinks “pass first” he assists the other team to a basket about 50% of the time.

    The point is, there are Harris scenarios that involve hurting J-Wright’s playing time. Harris might be even more of a threat to J-Wright next year than Flynn is. Flynn will get the freshman short leash, but Harris will be out there 38 minutes a game.

  6. syracusan said

    I meant, “two scoring guards in the _back_ court…” Duh.

  7. Tom said

    I definitely agree that losing Wright to transfer hurts the team. Suddenly we go from losing 4 of our top 8 players to losing 5 – and if you factor in the Mike Jones transfer that would make 6 of 9. Unless Wright’s an all-out cancer in the locker room, which I don’t think is likely, this would hurt the team. Flynn will definitely need at least a year to get up to speed.

  8. doleary said

    I don’t think I have ever seen a point guard with so much talent, so under perform as J Wright has. What color is the sky in his world? Somebody should talk to this kid like Sherman Douglas on what a point guards role on the court is. I can’t remember the last time I watched a point guard who had no IDEAL what he was doing or had as many turnovers, bad shot selections, lazy passes, and bad judgement how many people can he drive thru anyways. If he can’t get his head on right he should do the team a favor and leave…………

  9. Josh said

    Update: Coach B after the Nova game said “Josh was very good today. I thought he did a tremendous job in the first half….He made a couple mistakes, but I thought he did a good job and that’s a good sign.”

    I missed the first half, so is JB just trying to boost his confidence or is this objectively true?

    Jim also said “We’re going to need his help.” Take that as you will….

    (Quote taken from one of the Post-Standard game stories)

  10. doleary said

    Josh takes the last shot in the Clemson game? Coach B says he has no problem with that… If I were the A.D I would have Boeheim get his head checked out…I believe they have a mental health professional on the payroll. Hopefully, the new kid they have coming in to play point will keep Josh Wright on the bench where he belongs and can best help his team…..

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  12. Josh has game it has to be coached and he always has to remember to stay in champ formation physically and mentally and let the game come to him and just hve fun playing the sport of basketball

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