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throwin’ down like it’s 1987

Posted by syracusan on February 23, 2007

I’m sure a lot of our readers peruse the official SU basketball blog over at the Post-Standard, but I didn’t want to risk anyone missing this amazing clip, so I’m ripping off Kim Baxter to make sure everyone gets to experience it. This video is so great in so many ways, it’s almost hard to count. From the crazy 80’s style SportsCenter, to watching Rony Seikaly attempt to kick someone’s ass, to the ridiculous fact that the brawl was against Cornell, it really has it all.

SU Hoops Brawl 1987


One Response to “throwin’ down like it’s 1987”

  1. Tom said

    It’s unbelievable to compare this to the Knicks-Nuggets fight that got Carmelo his 15 game suspension. Consider that 20 years ago Derrick Coleman and Brower could retaliate for a hard foul by seemingly punching through another player’s skull and it gets nothing more than a few passing chuckles from Sportscenter announcers (on an incidentally awesome set), and the Cornell coach condemning his players’ behavior. If this had happened today it would have been in the news for a week, and Coleman might not have played another game for the remainder of the season. Carmelo’s punch was a love tap compared to this melee.

    Speaking of the Knicks-Nugs brawl, doesn’t the whole high horse condemnation of anything close to an NBA brawl reek of racism? I mean, if hockey were a sport dominated by blacks from the inner-city, wouldn’t that whole fighting culture be viewed differently? Everyone would be going on about what thugs these guys are, when hockey players are generally viewed as rough and tumble guys who don’t take shit sitting down. And take baseball. Doesn’t anybody remember when that guy charged Nolan Ryan and Ryan headlocked him and punched him in the face about 8 times? Ryan was a rough-around-the-edges good old boy hero after that. But when J.R. Smith comes after Mardy Collins after practically breaking his neck on a hard foul, he’s not viewed in the same way. It means the NBA’s out of control.

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