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Is Arinze Onuaku In Your Top Eight?

Posted by Jer on February 21, 2007

Have you ever wondered what Paul Harris’s favorite tv show is? (it’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

Did you know that loves a certain type of dog? (pit bulls)

Did you know that Josh Pace has yet to decide whether he would like to have kids?

How about Billy Celuk? Did you know that it seems he may have spent much of his time at SU thinking about guns?

Enter the wonderful world that is MySpace. On a lark, I decided to see if any current Syracuse players had MySpace profiles. As shocking as this may seem, it appears that these college kids don’t spend all of their time devising ways to win another national championship. I was also able to uncover a number of pages for former Syracuse players from Jessup, PA to Kouvola, Finland.

Disclaimer: Note that just because someone has a MySpace page doesn’t mean that they created it personally, but it’s usually fairly easy to spot the real from the fake. Also note that Arinze Onuaku has spent an inordinate amount of his time off this year working on his profile.

Probably The Real Thing
Paul ‘The Hustle’ Harris
Arinze Onuaku
Josh Pace
Ryan Blackwell
Damone Brown
Ethan Cole
Billy Celuck

Hard To Tell
Demetris Nichols
Mike Hopkins
Hakim Warrick
Etan Thomas

Now, Eric Devendorf is registered as having two profiles, here and here. I’m not convinced that either profile is his (although, based on his comments a lot of people do). The first profile has him at age 23, and the second, well, I’ll let you figure out why I hope this really isn’t Devo.

Fake Profiles
Jimmy B
Jimmy B Again
Gerry Tribute Page

Enjoy your browising. Also, Cuse Country now has its own MySpace page, so if you’re a MySpace member, show us some love and add us as a friend.

There’s one additional page for a former Cuse ‘star’ that I have intentionally left out. I personally feel that he deserves his own post, especially since he also has his own blog, complete with wedding photos. Check back tomorrow afternoon for the links.


13 Responses to “Is Arinze Onuaku In Your Top Eight?”

  1. Tim said

    Great work, Jer. A few other highlights: claims to be divorced (?!?) and hates his major.

    Arinze Onuaku lists his occupation as “gettin money” and claims an income of “$250,000 and up.”

    Demetris Nichols has, literally, two friends. Show the man some love!

  2. Josh said

    I like how all of Roberts’ top 8 friends are pictures of pit bulls. (He says he wants to run a kennel when he is finished with hoops; good for him)

    Paul Harris’ favorite subject is Math!! Hell yeah. See, I told you suckaz.

    Billy Celuck is in Ethan Cole’s top 8. That just… *fits*.

  3. Tim said

    I really hope Onuaku’s claim about his income is nothing more than empty boasting. My gut tells me there’s a 99 percent chance it is. After all, if you’re doing something that’s against the law or that violates NCAA rules, why would you brag about it on your MySpace page? But on the other hand, people get passed over for jobs all the time because they stupidly put pictures of themselves getting wasted online. Ugh.

  4. Billy Celuck is still the doofiest fucker on the planet. I swear, that guy makes dumb look lights out bright.

  5. Cusian said

    Just a heads up that the Gerry and Demetris profiles can be moved down to fake profiles. I don’t have proof so much so much as I just know, but if you need a hint, I doubt the real Gerry would be friends with Fake Boeheim. My stalker skills are superb.

  6. Daz said

    Thanks to my click on Ryan Blackwell’s MySpace page, my whole office got to hear a clip from Boys in the Hood.

  7. Jer said

    In a serious oversight, I failed to include Damone Brown’s ‘fresh’ page in the original post. The error has been corrected.

  8. Don’t forget to look at the MySpace pages of some of our incoming football recruits:

  9. Michael said

    Something you definately don’t want to see on your MySpace page:

    By the way, the injured player is out for the rest of the season. Don’t forget that the Illini were in the national championship game in 2005. They probably won’t make the tournament this year. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

    Let’s hope our McDonald’s prospects can at least get to campus, let alone ball.

    And on an improtant note, as of tonight’s home game for U of I, Chief Illiniwek is no more:

    Kind of puts the Orange(men) thing in perspective. It’s a good thing that there aren’t any other offending mascots out there, say like, the Fighting Irish…


  10. […] Wednesday, Orange Hoops stalked the crap out of the Syracuse roster on Myspace. They find the profiles of Josh Pace, Paul Harris, and Arinze Onuaku among others. By the way, Paul […]

  11. EHSAlumni said

    why are yall rippin on my boy arinze like that?

  12. Hey loved the submission, but one thing is bothering me. It appears as though your blog has broken? I am running Firefox maybe its a problem with one of my addons or something like that. I will try removing my newest ones and tell you if that fixes it.

  13. Jer said

    Hello! Thanks for your comment. I think you might have found a link to our old web address. You can now find the blog at Go SU!

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