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Viva Las Pro Update

Posted by Josh on February 20, 2007

Carmelo Anthony had 20 points on 10-15 shooting, including several sweet dunks, and 9 rebounds in his first career All-Star game appearance. He looked like he was having a blast. He drained a couple long jumpers early on, and leaked out for fast breaks whenever possible. He even spent some time playing point guard at one stage of the game. The West is stacked with great forwards but he should be an All-Star fixture for years to come.


The D-League also had its allstar game this weekend so there are no fresh game results, but I wanted to pass along this column from the Bakersfield paper about Gerry’s team’s new acquisitions. It describes how they are now loaded in the backcourt and there might not be enough minutes for everyone. We can conclude, at least, that Gerry’s minutes are going to decline (though it doesn’t say that explicitly). It also turns out that he was sick with the flu in the last game, where he played only 16 minutes and scored just 4 points — though he did have 6 assists.


Shumpert’s team lost their first game of the Euroleague playoff round. It is the familiar international “pod” format, used in most international basketball tournaments (including the Olympics) where groups of four teams play 3 round robin games with the top two records advancing to the single-elimination round. So, his team still could advance if they win their next two games. Preston had 5 points and 3 rebounds in the game. Over the weekend, though, in regular Italian League play, he exploded for 24 points (including 6 of 7 on threes) and got a little revenge for Orange fans by leading Benetton past Angelico Biella, who features Vermont’s Taylor Coppenrath.

Otis Hill had 16 points and 5 rebounds but his team lost a close game over the weekend. Elvir Ovcina had 13 points and 3 rebounds and his team got crushed.

New Zealand

Josh Pace gets a couple sentences of love from his coach in this preseason camp report for the Nelson Giants, which is mostly about another American player on their roster who is apparently huge (I didn’t want to do the metric conversions). The season starts March 10, though there are a cluster of preseason mini-games the weekend before, all in the same location.


Ryan Blackwell went for 24 & 9 Saturday, followed by 23 & 4 plus 11 assists Sunday as the 89ers split a pair with the Tokyo Apache (which seems like a particulary bizarre name for a Japanese team, even more than usual).

Duany and his Buffalo mates have not played a game since Feb 11; Z Sims and Rochester won tonight vs. Cape Cod; I will update this post with a game story tomorrow if one shows up.

And finally:


Ethan Cole got cut by his team a couple weeks ago — right before the playoffs! How poorly do you have to play to have that happen? (His former team went on to lose in the finals.) Note: this link might not work, the site does not have permanent addresses for its news items; so if you want to see the news item, look for the headline about Ronell Mingo. I also found an old news story from late December noting that Cole had 19 points in a win — unfortunately it is a “virtual link” that I can’t post. If he signs with another team in the future, I’ll be sure to let you know. Honest.


9 Responses to “Viva Las Pro Update”

  1. syracusan said

    I fucking live for Ethan Cole updates.

  2. Josh said

    I’m just glad someone is reading all the way to the end.

    How about that photo by the way? Melo is a badass.

  3. Tom said

    Is it just me, or does anyone else have trouble actually recalling Ethan Cole ever playing for us? I know that he was on the team at one point, I think it may have even been while I was a student there, but under oath I couldn’t rightfully testify to having witnessed him ever playing basketball.

  4. agerard said

    No seriously, who is Ethan Cole? All the other names I’ve been seeing pop up here make me say, “Holy crap! [insert name] is still playing ball. That’s awesome.” But I can’t even remember who Ethan Cole is, let alone that he was good enough to continue his basketball life elsewhere.

  5. Matt said

    Gerry actually played in the D-League all star game, playing ~22 min, scoring 2 on 1-6 shooting with 5 assists. I stumbled across the game on NBATV, it was on after the NBA All Star practice with the first half during Cuse-UConn. It was a typical all star game, a spread-the-floor, shoot first, I-can-jump-higher-than-you snoozer. Nonetheless it was great to see Gerry, he looked happy playing (and he’s QUICK)! Keep up the good work with the site, go CUSE!

  6. Josh said

    Ethan Cole:

    Thanks OrangeRay!

  7. Josh said

    I did not see Gerry listed on the original D-League allstar lineup a couple weeks ago — thanks for the tip! Turns out he was named as an injury replacement a couple days before the game.

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