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Hakim Warrick dunk reel

Posted by syracusan on February 16, 2007

This clip had me crying tears of joy by the end. The last minute or so especially has all the classics. Thanks to Cuse Country reader Mike for linking to this in a comment. When I saw it I figured it deserved its own post.


4 Responses to “Hakim Warrick dunk reel”

  1. Josh said

    Notice how many of these are Sportscenter Top Plays!! Damn I miss watching that guy. You’d just be rolling along, watching the game, la de da, and then with no warning he’d just EXPLODE.

  2. ech1 said

    Damn, anyone got Royal Ivey’s email? I think he might enjoy that…

    Also, if anyone can identify the soundtrack song, I’d be obliged.

  3. Michael said

    I can’t believe this dunk doesn’t deserve its own post:

    The song is “Hot” by The Beatnuts.

    OK, syracusan, since you are giving me cred as a contributor… You’ve been stateside for some time now. What happened to that shit we were talking about around Christmas. I thought you and Tim were going to put together some links to the roster, schedule, internet radio sources and such? I know it’s a blog, and not a full site, but I’m way out here in Chi-town and don’t get nearly the amount of Cuse’ coverage I want. I actually rely on you guys for a lot of my info.

    Here, I’ll start you off: (Click “Listen Now” – registration is free).


  4. OrangeRay said

    I always marveled at how effortless the dunk was for Hakim, and how far from the hoop he could actually complete the dunk.

    Can you imagine how many points Hak would have had in his career if Sherman Douglas had been the starting point guard?

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