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Mike Jarvis is the worst basketball announcer of all time

Posted by syracusan on February 15, 2007

It’s funny, I don’t feel 7-5. But according to the standings that’s SU’s record in the Big East after beating USF tonight. I guess it’s a sign of how negative experiences carry more weight than positives: I can hardly remember us winning any of those games other than the last two; but the losses I can describe in great detail. Are we really two games over .500 in conference? How bad must the rest of these guys be?

USF came out of the gate in this one like a pack of wild dogs, out-hustling us to every loose ball, grabbing every rebound, dominating the offensive glass, and running and gunning all over the court. Luckily for us, they’re USF and not UConn, so they quickly wore themselves out, started making ridiculous turnovers, committing silly fouls, and missing easy layups. By the 2nd half it was obvious their energy was gone, and a few timely 3’s from Andy and Demetris broke their will for good. To beat this team all we had to do was avoid turnovers, and miracle of miracles, we managed it.

It’s nice to play crap teams. Most other Big East squads have the conditioning and the discipline to maintain high effort and high energy throughout the whole contest, hence SU’s usual rebounding deficits. But USF couldn’t hack it, so our boys got a freebie. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see any win, especially on the road, and especially with Demetris not bringing his A game. But I didn’t see anything out there that makes me think we can win any of our remaining games other than UConn at home.

Everyone was mediocre to bad in the first half, especially Devo; Harris did little to nothing all game; the big men got into foul trouble early; Nichols showed again he can’t be Jordan when the other team comes into games focused on stopping him; and Wright’s minutes continued to dwindle due to ineffectiveness. Mookie was a shining bright positive, it’s true, but after four years we know how this trick works – next game he’ll have 2 points, 3 rebounds and 5 fouls. Only a fool would start to get excited about his “development” at this stage. If you want a genuine bright spot I might, might, give you Andy Rautins. I still don’t have any expectation of consistent contributions from him. But at this point when he comes off the bench maybe it’s OK to start hoping that he might be able to swing a game or two, from time to time. Lets all keep our fingers crossed on that one.


9 Responses to “Mike Jarvis is the worst basketball announcer of all time”

  1. Chris said

    I’d just like to address your slagging off of Mookie in this post: Let me just say that I’d take Mook over any of the crap centers that SU has had in the recent past….Craig Forth, Jeremy McNeil, Elvir Ovcina, even Otis Hill. Mookie is easily the most athletic, best defensive post presence that the Cuse has had since Etan Thomas back in 2000. Before his recent slump in play, the guy was one of the most consistent players on the team this year….there was a stretch of games from early December to the middle of January where the kid was consistently putting up 9-10 points a game, 8-9 boards, 3-4 block, and countless more altered shots. I think some fans are disappointed because he hasn’t quickly developed into a DOMINATING presence on both the OFFENSIVE and defensive ends of the court. Sure, he’s not a Ewing or a Mourning (or even a Josh Boone or Hilton Armstrong), but the guy can score consistently and is a defensive MONSTER. Plus, this is really only his second year playing consistent, extended minutes where he’s relied on day in and day out as a regular contributor.

    Just think about this: What if JB had been able to succeed in convincing Mook to redshirt his freshman year (he tried, but failed)? The kid should have done it–he barely played at all his freshman year, so his development wouldn’t have been set back one iota. And us fans would be all the happier for it. Can you imagine if we had Mook coming back next year? He’d be talked about as one of the most dominating big men in the Big East, they’d be talking him up for all sorts of preseason awards next year, and we’d feel a lot more certain of our prospects for being a national contender next season. Our frontline is shaping up to be next year’s weakness (at least early in the season). Can you imagine Mook and AO holding down the paint, altering shots and grabbing loads of rebounds, with Jackson (who could be a stud) backing them up? OK, so Mook isn’t a dominating low post presence on the offensive end (yet), but you can’t deny the importance of his defensive presence to this team. He ain’t no Craig Forth…and that’s a good thing.

  2. Jer said

    Mookie may have his off-game from time to time, but he is 3rd in the Big East in blocks (6th in the country) and 8th in the league in offensive rebounds. While it doesn’t always appear that he’s playing aggressively while watching him on tv, getting into occasional foul trouble is acceptable if on the plays he is *not* called for a foul end up often becoming blocks or rebounds. He may not have much more room for ‘development’, but let’s give him props for securing the *much* needed win last.

  3. Jer said

    Also, to follow up on the headline of your post, both Jarvis and his what’s-her-name partner were seriously testing my resolve not to hit the mute button. From their inconsistent pronounciation of ‘Demetris’ to their incorrect relaying of the score on multiple occasions and finally to Jarvis’s comment on a play by as a nice move by ‘McRoberts’, I can see why these two aren’t calling the nationally televised games.

  4. Josh said

    Jarvis also called Watkins “Watson” at one point early on.

    The post is right on, that USF started to beat themselves before SU started to beat them. But, this was the first game in a long time where SU was able to establish and then consistently extend a 2nd-half lead. There was no long scoreless drought or series of consecutive turnovers. That’s another positive sign. The slow start was regrettable but not totally unexpected. And I thought Harris did fine while he was in the game. He just didn’t get many minutes — they needed Rautins’ skills more than Paul’s.

    I also give the Orange credit for cutting their turnovers down. Especially Devendorf, who I thought played well at the point in the 2nd half. There was a sequence where he had an assist after penetrating (instead of throwing it wildly away) and then **SLOWED DOWN** one of those mini-breaks that he usually pushes into the teeth of the defense and turns over. Think about it — he actually had the ball around midcourt with some USF players behind him, and he made the choice to WAIT until the rest of his team got into the frontcourt. When I saw these two consectutive plays I nearly choked on my rigatoni. Maybe he has turned a little corner? Maybe? Please?

  5. Tim said

    “…choked on my rigatoni.” Please, this is a family blog…

  6. “McRoberts”??? I think I’m glad I got stuck with the ESPN Gamecast instead…

  7. syracusan said

    At one point Mike Jarvis also mentioned this about Andy Rautins: “They really like this young kid a lot, but they’re looking for him to learn to be more agressive and look for his own shot a little more.”

    Seriously, he said that. Meanwhile, I can count on one hand the number of times Andy’s touched the ball this year and not shot it. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, since Andy can definitely help this team when he’s on his game, but the point is Mike Jarvis literally makes things up when he’s talking. It’s unreal that he has a job.

    As far as Mookie Watkins and my ragging on him, I stand by my point. It’s true that he’s better than Craig Forth in all demonstrable ways: Mookie is incredibly athletic, a quick jumper, a natural shotblocker, has some offensive moves, can catch a pass, and actually can make a layup (though he seems to have trouble with dunks…); but Craig Forth should hardly be the standards against which future centers are judged. Being better than Craigers is nothing to brag about. It’s Mookie’s inconsistency and inability to get up for games that drives me nuts, and his pedestrian stats-even as a senior-are guaranteeing he’s not going to be remembered as a major contributor.

    Mookie Watkins isn’t remotely in Otis Hill’s league, fyi. I don’t know where you’re getting that idea. Otis averaged 12.7 ppg as a Junior and demolished Erik Dampier in the Final Four to send us to the finals. As a senior he averaged over 15 per game (leading the team in scoring). Mookie can only dream about that kind of production.

  8. that’s why it will never wor. Ondrej Manisha.

  9. oh lord my baby your driving me craz. Masood Garfield.

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