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it could be worse

Posted by syracusan on February 13, 2007

While it’s been rough being a Syracuse hoops fan this season, I couldn’t help getting some perspective over the weekend. For instance, at least we didn’t get crushed on national TV by a mediocre ACC team the way UConn did. A few weeks ago, before UConn’s tailspin got really serious, Seth Davis on CBS said it was time to stop talking about whether or not Connecticut was going to make the NCAA Tournament, and start talking about whether they can even make the Big East Tournament. I got a kick out of that, and allowed myself at least 5 seconds of schadenfreude, before realizing There but for the grace of God go we. I also didn’t entirely take Seth seriously, but UConn’s craptastic young kids have made a seer out of him.

As recently as–I don’t know, say–6 weeks ago, most college basketball fans on the planet would have been willing to bet real money that UConn wouldn’t miss a Big East Tourney any time in the next 15 or so years. I’m not sure what odds someone would have had to give me to take the other side, but they’d have had to be steep. Almost impossibly steep. Yet here we are, Feb 13th, and UConn’s only a game out of being in the bottom 4. Despite beating us, there isn’t any evidence that they’re getting better, or that they can beat anyone without getting 6000 extra fouls called in their favor by the refs. I’d give it even odds they’ll slip into the Forgotten Four.

I’ll admit I’m rooting for them to stay home. I think it’d be hilarious and something to hold over Huskie nation for years to come. That said, the fragility of UConn’s dominance should be a scary thing to see for any Syracuse fan. The idea of SU missing a BE Tourney used to be absurd also, but as we’ve seen from the precarious dance this year, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Granted our big win over St John’s has vaulted us back up to 7th in the league (one win can work wonders in this shitty parity-driven conference), so for now we can put our fears to rest. But in the long term, anything that can happen to UConn can happen to us. I would have thought both squads were safe from mediocrity as long as their two HOF coaches were still around, but Calhoun’s showing that’s not the case. Luckily (Luckily?) for us, we’ll probably never have to deal with losing 4 first round draft picks to the NBA in one season the way he did, but we’ll certainly have seasons where we lose a huge amount of veterans and significant contributors all at once, and are stuck with a young and unknown team the next year that might not work out.

Oh wait, that’s about to happen. Shit.


TNIAAM stole my original title for this post, but I’ll expand on his sentiment for part two of this post: hey, at least we’re not Duke. They’re further proving my theory of fragile greatness with their much publicized 4 game losing streak (screw you, traitor Paulus!). Though I was quite certain the mindless pollsters would still find a way to keep them ranked, the forces of good managed to defeat the forces of evil and the Dukies disappeared from both polls. But just to remind us that the brainwashed Duke-loving masses are still in force, the Blue Devils are first in Also Receiving Votes in both listings. That’s funny, because when we lost 4 straight to drop from the polls, we stopped getting even a sniff from any voter anywhere. Imagine that.

At least SU doesn’t have to deal with seeing it’s failings and maladies deconstructed on national TV every night the way Duke does now. Some folks are even saying they’ll miss the tourney, which would be a dream come true but might be jumping the gun at this stage. At least when SU drops into mediocrity, we get to suffer privately. That is one slight advantage to not dominating the spotlight the way Tobacco Row does.


3 Responses to “it could be worse”

  1. Josh said

    Did you really create a Greg Paulus tag??

  2. syracusan said

    That was already there dude, don’t blame me. Who’s the culprit?!

  3. Josh said

    The first use was a post by Jer in December. So I’m guessing he made it. Sheesh.

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