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we’ve found the formula

Posted by syracusan on February 11, 2007

Finally we’ve figured out the magic formula for SU victories! All we need is for Demetris Nichols to play like Michael Jordan, to make sure we’re matched up against a really bad team, and to make sure the game is on our home court. With those simple and easy factors in place, we can just barely eke out gut wrenching victories by the slimmest of margins. We can even overcome miserable turnovers down the stretch and an unreal 0-6 series at the line in the final two minutes. Thank god we’ve finally found the grail.

I feel better already.


5 Responses to “we’ve found the formula”

  1. Josh said

    Hey, I’ll take whatever I can get at this point. Besides, St Johns has not been a “really bad” team recently — actually let me clarify. They’ve been no worse than the rest of the 10-team Big East Mediocrity Club.

    The other good news is that perhaps Devendorf has finally realized he doesn’t have to be the one to create offense, which usually ends up creating offense for the other team after he turns it over.

  2. GTB said

    This team is going to give me a legitimate heart attack. The 14 points from my boy Rautins off the bench was huge…

  3. Michael said

    Is this the best performance ever by an SU player? See the article below. Maybe one of you guys can start a thread on this topic…

  4. syracusan said

    When you said “best performance ever”, I scoffed immediately: That’s not even an argument, he’s not even close. But the article is actually talking about the best performance by an SU player ever in the Dome, which is a much more reasonable claim. All the myriad examples that jumped to mind for my counter argument were all post-season related explosions far from central New York. So perhaps Nichols’ performance was the best ever at home, the author makes a decent case. Certainly while watching it I found myself in disbelief at the kinds of shots he was getting to drop. (I was also in disbelief at our team’s refusal to play defense, such that we could take advantage of D-Nic’s burst, but that’s another story.) Demetris seriously reminded me of an NBA all-star on a hot streak, like Kobe Bryant or Reggie Miller or someone, who goes into another world and simply stops missing, no matter how awkward, improbable, or utterly covered his shots are.

  5. Josh said

    I was almost waiting for Nichols to do the “Jordan Shrug” on his way back down the court one time.

    I wonder if there were any pro scouts at the game…?

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