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Kim Baxter hates us?

Posted by Tim on February 11, 2007

From the SU hoops blog:

Normally I stay away from personal blogs. I think they’re not that interesting and a little self-inflating, kind of like that 20-year-old who releases her biography because she parties a lot and the vapid people of America thinks she’s interesting.

Present company excluded? Unfortunately, we don’t know.


2 Responses to “Kim Baxter hates us?”

  1. syracusan said

    No. This is not a “personal” blog. She means the diary types, where people actually talk about themselves. She and Waters link to sports blogs regularly, so she clearly doesn’t hate those.

    That’s not to say she doesn’t hate us for other reasons. Because hey, what’s not to hate?

  2. OrangeRay said

    Saw the same thing the other day, and had the same initial reaction… and then calmed down when I re-read the blog and saw she meant diary types.

    Nevertheless, I’m sure she and Mike Waters aren’t thrilled about the other Syracuse blogs out there.

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