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Josh Pace Has Landed (Pro Update 2-9)

Posted by Josh on February 10, 2007

As first reported in a Cuse Country comment by reader Agerard, Josh Pace has found his next basketball home, and it’s his former home — New Zealand. Josh has re-upped with the Nelson Giants, where he spent last season. That may sound strange until you realize that the New Zealand basketball season runs from March to July — it’s a fall sport. Their season begins March 10, which means that long after the current Orange have hung up their Nikes for the summer, you’ll have regular Josh Pace Updates on this forum. I’m sure you can’t wait.


Bad news from Washington, fresh off the wire in the last couple of hours: Etan Thomas has been suspended for Washington’s next two games.

The official statements only accuse him of “conduct detrimental to the team” and say that the Wizards are “handling it internally”. But it turns out that hegot into another fight with Haywood and now E is talking to the media. In the linked article you only get Etan’s side of the story (which is all I care about anyway); he thinks Haywood took a cheap shot on him in practice but I’m betting it wouldn’t have happened if Etan hadn’t been frustrated with his recent (lack of) playing time. He won’t play again until after the All-Star Break, and at this point you’d have to say his future in DC beyond this season (or even for the remainder of it) is uncertain. He does have a pretty hefty contract ($6 million per, with 2 more seasons plus a third at his option left) so he will be tough to move. But with their other backup center (Michael Ruffin) coming back soon, and the Wizards sorely missing the scoring of the injured Antawn Jamison, this might be a ripe time for a trade.

Speaking of the All-Star break, Carmelo Anthony was named to the All-Star team as an injury replacement. It was a sham that he wasn’t elected in the first place — all he has done is lead the entire league in scoring. Clearly his punch and subsequent suspension bothered a lot of the voters, but he did his time and they should have been able to overlook it — the coaches (who vote the reserves) at least, if not the fans. Kudos to David Stern for setting things right. If only the Nuggets could be similarly set right. They won tonight over Indiana, but it was only their 2nd win in the last 9 games. Carmelo’s scoring is still high (he scored 34 tonight, with 6 boards and five dimes) but his shooting percentage is way down from the pre-fight portion of the season. Denver is now hovering around .500 and in danger of missing the playoffs.

Since my last post about Hakim Warrick’s resurgent role with Memphis, he’s played in 3 games, only 10 minutes in each game and averaging 3 points. Such ineptitude from a coaching and management perspective. I’m nearly speechless. Tonight, he was back to his regular role, playing 27 minutes, with 12 points and 6 boards. And Memphis actually won the game (in overtime). I pity anyone who has him on their fantasy roster.

Jason Hart – DNP. But still drawing an NBA paycheck, so I suppose he can’t complain.


Gerry McNamara had 9 points and 8 assists tonight in another losing effort. Wednesday he had 10 points and 15 assists; Saturday he had 13 & 6 (the 13 points were on 1-11 from the floor and 11-11 from the line); last Friday he had 15 & 9. All those games were losses. Gerry is now third in the league in assists (if you discount players who have only played a few games).

Damone Brown had 11 points and 4 rebounds tonight; last weekend he had 14 & 9 on Saturday and 15 & 4 on Friday. All three games were losses here too. These guys’ teams don’t play each other till March 3, at which point one of them will have to win, right?


Elvir had a nice game with 18 points and 9 rebounds, leading his team in both categories, in a win last Saturday. Otis Hill had 26 points and 5 boards over the weekend as Anwil won their weekly Polish League game. Preston Shumpert began the second half of the Italian League season with a thud, totalling a whopping one point in 12 minutes of action (a generous use of that term), as Benetton dropped a close one last weekend. He should be active in the Euroleague playoff round which starts this Thursday.


Ryan Blackwell had 23 points and 6 rebounds Saturday in a loss, and 23 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 assists in a win Sunday.


Buffalo has been off since the end of January; Rochester played a game before the Super Bowl but Sims’ contributions are not available in the game stories. However, he is now listed on the ABA homepage as 2nd in the entire league in assists per game (here’s the link — but be warned, it’s an Excel spreadsheet). I’d be more excited about this if ABA stats were reliable; as it is, you don’t find too many guys in that league who have a passing mentality. Sims is 34 or so and having a good time dishing it to the kids and being a part-time coach. We should all be so lucky.


3 Responses to “Josh Pace Has Landed (Pro Update 2-9)”

  1. Jer said

    All Etan and Haywood need to do is sit down over a cup of java, write poetry about their feelings toward the situation, and then share. Problem solved. Of all people, Etan, you should have tried this long ago. Express yourself!

  2. voteprime said

    I love Josh Pace. I think he first won my heart during the 2003 National Championship and I continued to love him and his ugly, floating left hand shot.

    I always look forward to your pro-updates, man. Knowing these Syracuse guys I grew up cheering for are still out there makes me smile. And each time it’s a bit of a blast from the past. Damone Brown? Ryan Blackwell? Elvir? I mean, come on!

  3. maitime said

    hey, im from Nelson in New Zealand, and josh pace rules!!!! he was named league MVP and led da giants to da first championship in 9 years, scoring 36 in an ova time semi.
    he drove on any1 nd evry1 nd set da 2000-3000 strong crowd on FIRE!!!!

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