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McDonald’s hotness

Posted by syracusan on February 9, 2007

Everybody probably heard this already, but it’s worth taking a moment to smile about. We haven’t had much good news lately in SU basketball land, so why not allow ourselves a little daydreaming about what might be on the horizon? Two Syracuse recruits landed in the McDonald’s All-America game this year. That’s only happened once before ever for SU: in the 1986 season. And who were those two recruits? Derrick Coleman and Stevie Thompson.

If Donte Green and Johnny Flynn can come even close to those two, then the future is looking bright. I’m not sold on next year being anything but painful, because freshmen are notoriously unreliable, even if they end up being great later on. Plus with that kind of youth and lack of size on the front line, we’re aiming to take a beating. But when these two are sophomores (plus the other hotshots in their class), Harris is a junior, and Devo is a senior, then we might be on to something. Assuming no defections, of course. Fingers crossed.


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