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Links after a bad loss

Posted by Tim on February 6, 2007

First, check out the Big East Basketball Report for a quick summary of what Connecticut newspapers are saying about the Huskies’ victory over SU last night.

Next, check out Jeff Goodman’s take on why Jim Calhoun was sweating before last night’s game. Interestingly, this is now the position SU finds itself in, minus the possible redemption game against a team like Georgia Tech.

Here’s what else is buzzing on in the blogosphere:

  • Arthur Sherman of the Norwich Bulletin appreciated‘s antics after fouling out in the second half. Question: Why isn’t Sherman’s UConn blog on the paper’s web site?

  • Random Thoughts is a sports blog about UConn basketball and the Boston Red Sox, which does not particularly endear them to the Cuse Country crew. Nonetheless, whoever’s running the show over there does a good job of running down the Huskies’ highlights (and, therefore, SU’s lowlights).

  • Some wiseguy says, “Remember when Syracus-UConn games mattered? Like last year.”

Okay, I’m already winded. Bad losses can have that effect on a guy. As I’ve been saying all season, we can scarcely afford losses like this. We’re developing a nasty habit of stalling and/or collapsing at the end of games, which bodes poorly for the prospects of a turn-around.

Here’s a question for those in the know: Why are we crapping out at the end of every game? Has anyone seen a pattern in the way our play changes? I guess I’ve been too busy averting my eyes to put the puzzle together.


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